Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Muscle Phone

Muscle Phone
Muscle Phone is a new Area Orion Tumblr blog featuring self-shots of fit and muscular women. Earlier this year I posted Mirror Mirror and planned to make it a regular blog segment. I started looking for more images and noticed there were MASS amounts of mirror pics from female bodybuilders, fitness models and average women getting fit. A post every couple weeks wouldn’t do this voyeuristic phenomenon justice.

Muscle Phone launched in early March with 15-20 images posted daily. Those numbers quickly increased as did it’s popularity. As of this posting, nearly 3,000 images have been added and over 3,200 followers - more than any other AO related site. Where Area Orion is mainly big fantasy female muscle, Muscle Phone is simply real women taking low-fi, unaltered cell phone pics of themselves. One fan wrote Thank you for this blog! I'm so addicted to it because most of those women aren't photoshopped. So you see reality and that's something you can train for. :) If they only knew.

Check out the never-ending scroll of sexy, non-photoshopped, fit and muscular women at Muscle Phone. There's always plenty of the other variety at Area Orion.

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