Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Casting She-Hulk for Avengers 2?

From MTV - Joss Whedon would like to see more female heroes in "The Avengers 2." So why not She-Hulk? Introduced as Bruce Banner’s cousin who receives his powers after a blood transfusion, Jennifer Walters would be an easy introduction to the Avengers crew. As a reluctant hero forced into her powers before eventually using them transform her own personality for the better, she’s got an interesting personal story, and the built-in connection between her and Banner would be great for on-screen chemistry.

First off: She-Hulk should be cast as Jennifer Walters first and a giant green rage monster second. I mean, there are some very tall and statuesque models out there, but it’s not like Mark Ruffalo was a bodybuilder. We’ll need someone who’s believable as the sweet-natured but unyielding Walters, the one who moonlights as a capable lawyer when she isn’t busting heads as the She-Hulk. Here are five actors we think might work.

Amy AdamsAmy Adams
Any actress who plays She-Hulk has to work as the meeker Walters before flipping on the confidence as her greener alter-ego. Adams, who you know from movies as sweet as "Enchanted" and as tough as "The Fighter," is a world-class actress who’s played a variety of roles, and would be capable of capturing Shulkie’s duality. If you don’t think she can do badass, then you must’ve missed the scene in "The Fighter" where she gives hell to a bunch of rednecks.

Olivia ThirlbyOlivia Thirlby
Same for Thirlby, who’s acted with a bold confidence in movies like "Juno" and "The Wackness." If they decided to cast Bruce Banner’s cousin a little more college-aged -- a law student rather than a full-blown lawyer -- then Thirlby, with her peppy demeanor and brassy smile, would be perfect in contrast to Ruffalo’s seriousness.

Jennifer CarpenterJennifer Carpenter
As Debra Morgan on "Dexter," Carpenter is frequently called upon to kick ass while showing vulnerability and deep gravitas. She does well, too, because only a good actress could work with the crazy places that show goes. Her ability to play a tomboy wouldn’t be a bad approach to the physically imposing She-Hulk, either.

Jessica BielJessica Biel
Depending on how you feel about "The Illusionist," Biel isn’t explicitly known for her acting chops. But she’s logged time playing a stone-cold serious action type in movies like "The A-Team" and "Blade: Trinity," and is easy to imagine in both a suit and a leotard for the dual role. I might be making too much of this thing, too -- all we need is someone who looks good and can act solidly without ruining the mix. So why not?

Adrianne PalickiAdrianne Palicki
She was already supposed to play Wonder Woman. Minus the over self-seriousness, isn’t this pretty close?

These are MTV's choices. Who would you cast as She-Hulk, assuming the muscle would be CGI?

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