Thursday, May 24, 2012

Caitlin Fairchild

Caitlin Fairchild
One of the sexiest muscle women in comics is Caitlin Fairchild. This red-headed powerhouse is not only strong, but smart and the team leader for super group Gen 13. Created by Jim Lee, Brandon Choi and J. Scott Campbell for Wildstorm, a division of Image Comics back in 1994.

Every Superhero has an origin and Fairchild's begins in her Sophomore year at Princeton. Mousy double-major Caitlin Fairchild was recruited into Project: Genesis. What she thought to be a Government internship, was actually a lab experiment for the organization Internal Operations looking to awaken Gen-Active abilities in certain teens.

After being secretly fed drugs to activate her abilities, an outburst of anger Caitlin became her catalyst for growth. Within seconds, the nerdy computer geek transformed into a powerful amazon, gaining super strength, durability, stamina and agility - shredding her clothes in the process. She decided to escape along with friends Roxy, Grunge, Sarah and Bobby. I/O director John Lynch also left to help them set up a safehouse in La Jolla, CA. He would teach these fledgling superheros learn to make a difference in the world. Gen 13 was born.

Over the years, many things have changed with Caitlin Fairchild and Gen 13. They have weathered cancellations and company changes. She has most recently appeared as a supporting character in the new Superboy series and is set to star in yet another team book called “The Ravagers”.

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Caitlin FairchildCaitlin FairchildCaitlin Fairchild

Caitlin FairchildGen 13The Ravagers

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