Monday, February 3, 2020

Chinese Female Bodybuilder On The Frontlines Helping Fight Coronavirus

Yuan Herong
IndiaTimes: Cosplayer Yuan Herong, who served as a doctor in Shandong province of China and became famous for resembling Chun Li- a video game character is now on the frontlines of the Coronavirus crisis.

Chun Li
According to reports, Yuan Herong, the muscular doctor from Shandong Province, China, shared how she has stepped up to fight the pandemic spreading across China and killing hundreds.

In a recent Instagram post, Yuan said: ‘I’m a doctor. Must [be] on the front line. Do my best to help the epidemic.'

“171 cases of new pneumonia were cured and 15238 suspected cases were found,” she noted. “The healers are all treated through traditional Chinese medicine and other symptomatic treatment. We will try our best to do a good job in prevention and treatment.”

According to a Mail Online report, Yuan Herong, a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, started exercising in 2016 because she wanted to 'look stronger'. The fitness fanatic, who has been dubbed 'the real-life Chun-Li', told Ruptly: 'I just take it as a hobby to exercise naturally without medication.'

Friday, January 10, 2020

Stacey Bentley, Female Bodybuilding Legend, Dies Age 63

Stacey BentleyFitnessVolt: The bodybuilding community has suffered a majorly tragic loss. Stacey Bentley, a true pioneer of the sport, has passed away at the age of 63.

Stacey BentleyStacey Bentley was one of the original female bodybuilders, competing in the first-ever event as such. She took the stage at the first IFBB Women’s World Bodybuilding Championships, in 1979, scoring fourth place. Moreover, she won three contests before her retirement from the sport in 1981, including the 1979 Frank Zane Pro. She paved the way for today’s generation of female bodybuilding.

Following her career as a bodybuilder, Stacey decided to find joy in helping people as a registered nurse. This came as little surprise to those who knew her, because she was always kindhearted. Even as she competed, she worked to break the stereotypes of bodybuilders being aggressive. Moreover, she did not even care for talking smack about her fellow competitors.

Unfortunately, according to a Facebook post from Roger Schwab, a close friend to Stacey, she heartbreakingly lost her life. According to the post, she tragically passed on New Year’s Eve, “suddenly and quietly.”

Thursday, January 2, 2020

The bodybuilding contest where you CAN'T show off your muscles

Teenager wins first-ever women's championship in Bangladesh - but most of her muscles were covered up to avoid offending Muslims

Awhona Rahman

DailyMail: Bangladesh's first women's bodybuilding championship was won by a 19-year-old student in a contest where most of her muscle was covered up to prevent controversy in the Muslim-majority nation.

While skimpy bikinis are the norm at international body-building contests, Awhona Rahman and her 29 rivals kept their brawn under wraps in front of the crowd of hundreds.

Rahman and the other competitors struck poses on stage wearing tight leggings and body-hugging outfits during the three-day event that finished on Sunday and was held in the capital Dhaka.

I am really happy, I really worked hard for this,' Rahman told AFP. 'It never entered my mind that someone might criticise me for showing my body. My brother, who runs a fitness centre, has always encouraged me,' she added.

Bangladesh's first female bodybuilding champion
Awhona Rahman, 19, (left, number 444), was crowned Bangladesh's first female bodybuilding champion on Sunday after competing in a crop top and leggings in a sport where bikinis are the norm
'We were told there would be proper dress code and the outfit provided was perfect from a Bangladeshi perspective.'

Bangladesh Bodybuilding Federation general secretary Nazrul Islam said there had been a huge response to the landmark women's competition which aimed to encourage health and fitness.

'We were very careful about the dress code because of our religious and social culture. We selected long sleeve crop tops and leggings for the girls,' he added.

Islam predicted the competition would help create jobs for women in the growing number of gymnasiums in Bangladesh where women now have memberships.

Nearly 90 per cent of Bangladesh's population is Muslim and women are making a growing impact in sport including cricket, football and archery.

Friday, December 20, 2019

My Friends Don’t Approve of the Women I’m Attracted To

Reposted from PsychCentral

I’m kind of a shy guy. I’m 26 years old, and i’m attracted to huge massive and masculine female bodybuilders. All the people around me, judge me for this, and keep telling me that they are not the right choice, they would be the man in the relationship, and they would also be aggressive.

I met recently a very huge female bodybuilder, but the people around me judge me for this. Why am I attracted to such a woman? What should I do if it’s true, that they are aggressive?

by Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

There’s an old saying: “There’s no accounting for taste.” You are attracted to a particular physical type. So what? Other men are attracted to a different type. So what? There are many physical types: Short, tall. Large, small. Classically beautiful, beautiful in their own way. Isn’t it wonderful that beauty is in the eyes of a beholder, not limited to one type?

I don’t know why you find physically strong women attractive. It may be that someone more muscular helped you out in some way when you were young. It may be that, shy guy that you are, you feel safe with someone larger than yourself. Does it really matter?

What I see in your letter is that you are someone who isn’t capitulating to the stereotype of what a desirable woman should look like. You see beauty where your friends maybe do not. You know that aggression doesn’t come with body type. I’m sure you know men who are large who are gentle giants and men who are small who are aggressive little roosters. Aggression is an outcome of psychology, not physical type. The same is true of women.

People who judge you are narrow-minded and prejudiced. Please ignore them. Date who you wish. It’s a sorting process. If you find someone who is aggressive, you can drop her. But if you find a large female body builder who you love and who loves you back in ways that make you feel cherished and safe, thank your lucky stars and enjoy your relationship. Chances are your relationship will be at least as good, if not better, than the relationships of friends who are so shallow that they judge a woman according to stereotypes.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Bodybuilding grandmother was 'shy and awkward' before weightlifting gave her confidence

By Jessica Rach For Mailonline: A grandmother-of-three has revealed how bodybuilding has given her a new lease of life - as well as a 200lb frame and seventeen inch biceps.

Robin Hillis

Correctional officer Robin Hillis, 48, from Ontario, Canada, loved sports at school and when she left high school in 1989, she joined a gym to maintain her fitness and soon fell in love with weightlifting.

Robin Hillis
Robin kept fit during and after her pregnancies
with daughters, Katey, 23, and Courtney, 21
Before taking up the sport Robin was shy, but bodybuilding gave her a new lease of life and in 1993 and weighing 135lbs, she competed in her first bodybuilding competition and placed second.

Robin kept in shape during and after her pregnancies with her daughters, Katey, 23, and Courtney, 21, who, along with Robin's grandchildren, Abel, three, Avianna, two, and Wynter, one, are her biggest supporters and encourage her to be the best she can be.

She now weighs 200lbs at 5ft 9in and sports 17in biceps, trains six days a week when prepping for a show and five days a week in off-season. Robin competes twice a year and says that bodybuilding has taught her self-belief.

Robin juggled motherhood and bodybuilding around her children as they grew up and they loved to watch her in competitions and cheer her on from the side lines.

The grandmother of three receives largely positive reactions to her impressive physique and she says that having children shouldn't make it harder to achieve such results.

In 2014, Robin earned her IFBB (International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness) pro card and she now competes in the professional league all over the world. Read More >>

Friday, November 1, 2019

Busty Fit Doll


Blondie Bennett has transformed herself from a "Plastic Bimbo Fuckdoll" into a perfect Muscle Barbie and enormous 3100cc tits. I look forward to see how big she can go in both muscle and breast size.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Nataliya Kuznetsova Shows Off Ridiculous Physique

Nataliya Kuznetsova

Nataliya Kuznetsova Looks JACKED Four Weeks From Romania-Pro

FitnessVolt: The IFBB Pro Wings of Strength Romania Muscle Fest is coming up soon. Ahead of the event, Nataliya Kuznetsova is looking simply unbelievable.

Nataliya Kuznetsova
Kuznetsova is a highly accomplished female professional bodybuilding champion. Currently, at around 225lb, she is considered the biggest bodybuilder on the female side of things. Moreover, she has titles in professional arm wrestling, as well as deadlifting and bench pressing awards. She is clearly a physical specimen, and a force to be reckoned with.

Now, Nataliya Kuznetsova is looking to make her return to bodybuilding. While she is not competing, she will be appearing at the Romania Muscle Fest, in about three weeks. Subsequently, she will be doing a guest posing, as well as an autograph signing, and open workout. Ahead of, she posted a photo to Instagram, showing off how incredible she looks leading into the event.

Read also: Nataliya Kuznetsova Could Be A Force If She Decides To Compete At 2020 Ms. Olympia

Friday, October 11, 2019

Kortney Olson is crushing it: 'It's about them experiencing true female strength'

Kortney Olson

A wave of super strong female athletes are smashing sizing stereotypes, and changing the way other women work out

The Guardian: A woman in activewear crosses the street towards a car with blacked-out windows and no licence plates and says to the man inside, “Did you just catcall me?”

When he reluctantly confirms that he did, she says cheerfully, “I’m just going to tell you right now, a lot of women get intimidated when you do that … Most women are like, this motherfucker’s going to throw me in the back of the car, you know what I mean? I dress like this because it’s hot as fuck and I work out really hard. Pow. I’m strong and powerful and I’d fuck you up. But what I’m saying is, a lot of women get really intimidated by catcalling. You got me? So that’s what’s up. What’s your name?”

Kortney OlsonShe fist-bumps him. “Jason, I’m Kortney. It’s nice to meet you. Take care.”

Jason likely didn’t know he’d chosen Kortney Olson to hiss at. She’s the bodybuilder who smashes watermelons between her thighs and is an Australian women’s armwrestling champion. Her Instagram page is full of powerlifting feats – and the occasional candid video like her meeting with Jason.

Olson benchpresses men like Jason. Go into any gym these days and you’ll notice a migration of women from treadmills and cardio classes to the weights section. Back gains and abs are the new aesthetic, thanks in part to the rise of CrossFit, Bodypump and F45, and gym noticeboards are more concerned with strength competitions – heaviest leg press, squat etc – than scale measurements. Mega-ripped fitness models such as Gracyanne Barbosa have millions following their workouts on Instagram, and the US-founded STRONG Fitness Magazine launches in Australia this month, aimed at women.

“I love muscle. That’s just my thing,” says Olson, whose website delivers training programs that promise to add an inch to arms and legs: “Not so much on dudes – it’s not a prerequisite – but on women it’s outstanding.”

Olson was fascinated by the idea of having a six-pack from an early age, partly from idolising her older brother and partly, she says, because she was molested as a seven-year-old.

“From that point on, I created this image of myself being ripped in order to feel protected and worthy and safe,” she says. “I have found that most of the women that get into bodybuilding or strength training or powerlifting have had some kind of trauma.”  >>Read More

Bodybuilding Is Cashing in on All the Women Doing Squats at the Gym

Fitness Wellness Division

One of the biggest amateur competitions in the world will feature a "wellness division" that focuses on the lower body.

Fitness Wellness DivisionVice: The 2020 Arnold Amateur international championships, which will be held in Ohio this coming March, will now feature a “wellness” division alongside more established categories like bodybuilding, physique, fitness, figure, and bikini. Despite what the name might suggest, competitors will have to do a whole lot more than just pop a few SugarBearHair vitamins, manifest their intentions, and call it a day. They will be judged on their “body mass in the hips, glutes, and thigh areas,” according to NPC News Online. “The upper body is developed but not to the same degree as the lower body.” In other words, while bodybuilding is judged on overall muscle size in relation to other parts of the body, wellness will focus on the less extreme toning and conditioning of these lower body parts.
“We are excited to add wellness in 2020 as we believe it will grow into one of the sport’s most popular divisions in coming years,” said Arnold Amateur co-promoter Mike Davies, per Generation Iron. “Our goal for the Arnold Amateur has always been to encourage and provide an opportunity for as many athletes as possible, and this new division opens the [National Physique Committee] and [International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness] pro league to even more competitors.”

Davies is right to think that the wellness division will bring even more competitors to female bodybuilding. The bikini division did the same thing after the IFBB added it in 2012. “The bikini category is simply a more attainable physical endeavor,” Andrea Valdez of 3D Muscle Journey said in 2016. “[T]his entry level physique is seeing a lot more people coming into this division.”

At the same time, the addition of categories like bikini, wellness, and physique often prove detrimental to the longstanding bodybuilding division, which already has a difficult time attracting competitors given its rigorous demands—and the fact that it can be difficult for a female bodybuilder to navigate the world beyond competition in a body that goes against feminine gender norms.

“Despite the fact that, semantically and practically, women’s bodybuilding was intended to be a female version of the male sport, the category has not ever existed on such simple terms,” writes Sheena A. Hunter in Not Simply Women’s Bodybuilding: Gender and the Female Competition Categories. “Attempts to define and redefine the category have led to the creation of several other categories for women [like bikini, physique, and wellness], and further complicate the ways that female physique athletes experience gender in the sport of bodybuilding.”

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Female Ex-Bodybuilder Embraces Glam Model Lifestyle

Nadine Kerastas

Commenting on her transformation, the bodybuilder-turned-model said that one should be in love with their life, because “at the end of the day, it’s you that has to live your life.” 

Sputnik: A 25-year old former bodybuilder from Germany named Nadine Kerastas has undergone a spectacular transformation after she ditched her fitness regimen in order to become a glamour model.

Nadine KerastasAccording to the Daily Star, the one-time bodybuilder now makes a tidy profit via her social media presence and even managed to become a Playboy Playmate.

As Nadine explained to the newspaper, she started doing bodybuilding while dealing with an illness caused by a tick bite, when doctors advised her to join the gym in order to take her mind off the pain.

"I went to the gym and my body changed more and more and I felt better and better with it. My coach became aware of me and asked me if I would be interested in championships and I saw it as a chance to focus on other things instead of my illness," she said. "I started with it and was successful very quickly. I started on many competitions around the world and was five years an International IFBB Bikini Competitor. It was a hard time but I loved it. I was very disciplined and a control freak with my meals and my training."

However, she eventually grew tired of this lifestyle and ditched it in order to embrace her curves and, eventually, to take on a modelling career.

Nadine Kerastas
"After I decided to stop with competitions, I got a curvier body and I loved it, so I concentrated on my modelling career with a body with more curves but fit too and I went to Los Angeles for a photoshoot. That has since that my life changed completely," Nadine said. "Everybody loved me so much with my curves and my Instagram was like an explosion. Then I was published in big magazines and was Covergirl & Playmate for Playboy, then FHM etc."

Now, Nadine boasts a 1.3 million-strong Instagram audience and claims that she can earn over £2,000 (about $2,480) per shoot, noting that she “worked really hard” to achieve this and that it is a “full-time job” which requires one “to be active every day and create new ideas and content for your fans and interact with them.”

All in all, she said that she says that leaving all the fitness competition stuff in the past was the right choice, fully embracing her appearance and lifestyle.

"I love my abs and waist. I feel very happy with my look. I don’t miss my hard- trained body, I’m so in love with my curvy thick fit body now and that I can eat my ice cream sometimes. Be in love with your life and do what makes you happy. Because at the end of the day, it’s you that has to live your life," Nadine stated.
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