Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Little nuggets of news from the Female Muscle world.

Karina NascimentoKarina Nascimento Wins
Karina Nascimento wins the first Pro Women's Physique competition at the 2012 IFBB Desert Muscle Classic.
See the interview from RXGirls
See the interview on Muscular Development

Rene CampbellCould public opinion be coming around to embracing women bodybuilders?
Historically female bodybuilders in the mainstream media have often been treated as freaks or women with problems. But with so many more women now pumping iron the muscled look is becoming more acceptable – even the extremely muscled look. An analysis of the first 150 comments left on the story show that just over 40% loved Rene's physique, 26% were on the fence, and only 33% were actively turned off by her hardcore female bodybuilder look.

Karina NascimentoKarina Returns
If the name Karina Nascimento doesn't ring an immediate bell, it's understandable, especially if you have only come to follow women's bodybuilding in the last five years. But make no mistake, she was an impressive Brazilian import at the turn of the millennium. Exotic, sultry and looking like she walked straight off the beaches of Rio, Karina Nascimento was eye-catching at 5-4 and weighing at the 130-pound mark for her first contest efforts.

Wardel MilanWardell Milan: A Series of Inspiring Women
An exhibition of new work by Wardell Milan. Comprised of drawings of female bodybuilders and Milan’s now signature tulips, the show displays the artist’s subtle hand as well as his layered perspective on physicality and beauty. In his Female Bodybuilders, Milan furthers his exploration of the athletic, muscular body. The subjects of his drawings, taken from industry magazines and combined with other imagery of women from fashion and pornography, hover between the heroic and the grotesque.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Welcome to the Jungle

Wendy McMaster
Tarzan is no match for these Jane's of the Jungle. Female bodybuilders and fitness models go wild in leopard-print and jungle themed attire.
Mara Bouchard Alina Popa Gia Macool
Jana Linke-Sipple Janeen Lankowski Angeline Nahamko
Michelle Leigh Mozek Penny Price Debi Laszewski
Pictured (l to r): Wendy McMaster, Maura Bouchard, Alina Popa, Gia Macool, Jana Linke-Sipple, Janeen Lankowski, Angeline Nahamko, Michelle Leigh Mozek, Penny Price, Debi Laszewski

Monday, February 27, 2012


Alexandra Wilson morphFitness Model and Bikini Athlete Alexandra Wilson pumps up at Area Orion. Whoops, time to alternate those curls.

An Area Orion female muscle morph.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Denise Milani at the 2012 Flex Pro

There were a lot of great competitors at 2012 Flex Pro, but we have a soft spot for Denise Milani. One of the sexiest babes alive has taken up fitness competition and we follow her as she prepares and competes in her 2nd Bikini competition. Denise made 1st Callouts but the overall winner was Janaina Barral.
Denise Milani Denise Milani Denise Milani
Denise Milani Denise Milani Denise MilaniDenise Milani
Denise Milani Denise Milani Denise Milani
I've heard comments about her "granny" sized bikini top, but I give credit to Denise. She's gained legions of fans showing her ample breasts, now it's time to focus on that killer body. Her midsection is serious OMG.

First IFBB Pro Physique Competition

The 11 women who will make history competing in the first ever IFBB Pro Physique show at the 2012 Desert Muscle Classic, got together for group photos! @siouxcountry
1st Pro Women's Physique
Top row from left to right, Karina Nascimento, LaDrissa Bonivel & Pamela Franklin.
Middle row, Susan Salazar, Marina Lopez, Tracy Bodner, Jillian Reville, Dana Linn Bailey & Marilena Echohawk.
Bottom row, Rita Rae & Beni Lopez.

women's Physique lineup

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sample381AA0212 Katka Kyptova

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mirror Mirror

A mirror and cell phone are all that's needed to show off a hot body in the modern age. Thank you technology. Here are various muscular women showing off the goods.
Wendy McMaster Self shot Dana Linn Bailey
Olya Haidner Zoa Linsey Christina Kalkiopolous
Frida Parmell Laura Michelle Prestin Denise Milani

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Super Cheerleader Anna Watson

anna watson muscle cheerleader
Sample380AA0212 Special Midweek Edition: If the world thought Georgia Cheerleader Anna Watson was muscular before, wait till they see a heavy dose of Area Orion. Three Cheers for Female Muscle.

An Area Orion female muscle morph.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

BrandiMae Says...

BrandiMae Akers muscle morph
I love to hear feedback on what Female Bodybuilders & Fitness Models think of their Area Orion morphs? Here's what BrandiMae Akers said on Facebook.

"Here is a morphed photo from a shoot that I did; looks freakin awesome if you ask me." - BrandiMae

Monday, February 20, 2012


breast expansion morphFitness hottie Megan Avalon gets in touch with herself after a visit to the Area Orion BE labs. She recently had real-life breast augmentation, but after this fantasy enhancement you can barely contain her.

An Area Orion breast expansion morph.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Iris Kyle is OUT of the Arnold

Iris KyleBreaking News as Female Bodybuilding champ Iris Kyle withdrew from the 2012 Ms. International due to a leg injury. No word yet on the extent of the injury, but we send our best to Iris for a quick and full recovery.

This leaves the stage wide open for the coveted Ms. International title and jumping board to Ms. Olympia. Who do you think will or should win: Maria Rita Bello, Brigita Brezovac, Kim Buck, Tina Chandler, Alevtina Goroshinskaya, Monique Jones, Debi Laszewski, Cathy LeFrancois, Zoa Lindsey, Geraldine Morgan, Yaxeni Oriquen, Kim Perez, Alina Popa, Maria Segura

Fitness competitor Michelle Blank also withdrew because of a leg injury. We know it's a sport, but be careful ladies.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Vanessa Tib morphRadiating beauty.

Gorgeous fitness model Vanessa Tib pulsates with angelic glow after a tour through the enhancement labs. God, I love curves.

An Area Orion female muscle | breast expansion morph based on a photo by Jamie Sutherland.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Female Muscle News

Laura BinettiMassively muscular female bodybuilders when they stop competing
Female bodybuilders are guaranteed to turn heads wherever they go, as their bulging biceps challenge traditional views of what it is to be 'feminine'. It takes determination as hard as the iron these ladies pump year after year, sometimes decade after decade, to sculpt the massively muscular physiques. But not every female bodybuilder can stay in the ripped, hard and vascular condition so cherished by professional and amateur bodybuilders alike all their life.

Isabelle TurellIsabelle Turell planning return to the stage!
I don't know of many of you know but I am competing this year and currently dieting. It's been a long .....too long time that I have been on the stage. There's just something about a bland diet, intense torture training, and long grueling hours of cardio that just sets me on "fire". Keep posted on the blogs as I will keep you up to date. I am also getting ready for the tough mudder run in March.

Pain & GainPain & Gain: Movie based on true crime bodybuilders!
They were local bodybuilders with a penchant for steroids, strippers, and quick cash. And they became expert in the use of a peculiar motivational tool: Torture. In the summer of 1994, Sun Gym was a serious bodybuilder's hangout, run under the watchful eye of Daniel Lugo, its charismatic, fast-talking manager. Anyone could join, of course, but if you were soft and puffy, you were way out of your league here. Sun Gym's favored lads were thick and ripped.

Arnold Sports FestivalFree, Exclusive 2012 Arnold Webcast
When the curtains rise at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, will once again be on hand to bring you the exclusive live coverage of all the action as Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to Columbus for the 24th installment of the Arnold Sports Festival. Don't miss a single moment as the World's top bodybuilders, fitness, figure and bikini Superstars battle for supremacy during the fitness industry's biggest weekend of the year!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cindy Landolt Muscle Bound

Cindy Landolt transformation
It's no surprise that gorgeous fitness entrepreneur Cinderella Landolt used to be a fashion model or runner-up in the Miss Zurich Beauty contest. The Judges said she was too muscular, but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Much stronger.

Here's a couple before and after pics that proves muscle only adds to true beauty.
Cinderella Landolt

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sample377AA0212 Mz Devious

Mz Devious morph
Bulging, bratty and all around bad-ass beauty Mz. Devious after her recent trip through Area Orion. She pushed the lab abilities to it's limits… amongst other things. Hope you enjoy the super-enhanced results and it's always a pleasure to have her visit.

Danielle has a new site at and and can buy her movies on Clips4Sale.

An Area Orion female muscle/breast expansion morph based on a photo from Marc Thyssen.

Friday, February 10, 2012


breast expansionPull the drapes. This mystery beauty makes for modest window coverings.

An Area Orion breast expansion morph.
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