Friday, July 29, 2011

Legends of Female Muscle Fandom: Diana The Valkyrie

If you're brave and bold, enter the world of Diana the Valkyrie.

female muscle vikingAnyone infatuated with the fantasy side of female bodybuilding and muscle women most likely knows Diana the Valkyrie well. It wasn't my first introduction to female bodybuilders, but it opened my eyes to where the minds of fans could take these larger than life women.

Back in the early days of the internet, Diana the Valkyrie was blazing the way for all things fantasy female muscle. Stories about amazon growth (FMG), domination and superheroines. Artwork and morphs that take women beyond the realm of human possibilities. Links to FFBs and sites dedicated to female muscle and more. They also sponsor numerous female bodybuilders. Everything a growing schmoe needed to thrive.

I always had a passion for female bodybuilding, but now I was hooked into a whole new realm that was even more exciting. I'd pour through the site almost daily, looking for anything and everything to immerse myself into this fantasy world.

Now days there are many sites, forums and blogs devoted to female muscle fandom (you're reading one now), but Diana the Valkyrie was one of the first and best. Although it hasn't changed much in over 15 years, it remains a relevant and exciting place to explore fantasy female muscle and still one of my personal favorites.

Diana the Valkyrie


Valerie Cormier breast expansion morphValerie Cormier is scorching hot (and top heavier) thanks to Area Orion breast expansion technologies. Based on a photo from Eros Studios.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Barb Guerra - Bodybuilder, Amputee, Inspiration

Barb Guerra
Barb Guerra Barb Guerra Barb Guerra
‘I’ve got no arms- but I love bodybuilding!’ High-kicking and somersaulting across the stage, Barb Guerra flexes the muscles of her perfectly toned body. The Texan mum-of-two regularly competes in bodybuilding contests – running, swimming and working out with weights six days a week to keep in shape. Incredibly, she does this despite having no arms, having lost them both in a horrific accident as a toddler. “I believe you can do anything you set your mind to,” says Barb, 32, who’s been competing for five years. “You have to focus on the positive and never pity yourself. People tell me I’m an inspiration, but I just see myself as normal. Says Barb
Reposted from Stella's Magazine

Barb on Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Barb on Maury Povich

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

That's what she said...

Tara Silzer female muscle morphWhat do Female Bodybuilders & Fitness Models think of their Area Orion morphs? Here's what Tara Silzer said to SheMuscle about it.

"That's wicked! Send me whatever else he does that's awesome xox"

- Tara Silzer

Monday, July 25, 2011


Jana Linke-Sipple muscle morphJana Linke-Sipple plays biceps Peak-A-Boo.

An Area Orion female muscle morph.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Shopping with Quadra

Coming Monday, you'll be able to buy awesome Quadra-Blu art, apparel & books by Lyman Dally at There will be rare t-shirts, limited quantities of "vintage" merchandise, past issues of Max Rep in the Age of the Astrotitans and more for sale.


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Reagan Brenner
Fitness hottie Reagan Brenner gets a little bump at Area Orion. An experiment of focusing on a single muscle group - the biceps. It may be one one my simplest morphs, but it really makes them "pop" don't you think?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hello Nurse

Nurse Fawnia Dietrich Nurse Denise Masino
Nurse Dayana Cadeau Nurse Zina Ann
Nurse April Hunter Nurse Amelia Hernandez

Better check your pulse, here are sexy muscle girls dressed as nurses. I promise this won't hurt a bit. Check out more Female Muscle Cosplay

Pictured above (l to r): Fawnia Dietrich, Denise Masino, Dayana Cadeau, Zina Ann, April Hunter, Amelia Hernandez

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Jordan Carver BE morphJordan's Beach Balls.

I was going to vault this breast expansion of Jordan Carver, but decided to post a special Wednesday morph. A little something from Area Orion to help enjoy your Summer.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Before & After: Monica Mollica

Monica Mollica transformation
Monica Mollica started training at 14 and she looks thin (with unreal thick legs) in this before picture. It didn't take long for the rest of her body catch up and keep growing. Just imagine where she could go from here. That's one sexy muscle girl!

Monday, July 18, 2011


alina popa muscle morph
All Hail Alina!
Area Orion female muscle morph of Alina Popa based on photo from Chris Zimmerman Photography.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Katka Calls Quits to FBB

Katka KyptovaIt seems another female bodybuilder is calling it quits. Czech muscle angel Katka Kyptova just posted a farewell to bodybuilding on her blog.

"No ..isnt is last Kates preparation for bb...and after change again my body to normal fitness girl...You are asking why??Simple answer....Everybody knows about what i want talking...i dont think i havent vilition...endurance...but....but my way is another...i am happy i could know place of bb, my changes of my body...peoples who loves bb and so....but i dont like way of drugs and sorry guys...i love bb, i love muscles...but my mission is other is about money like others sports....and without support isnt possible...go higher... thanks to all for support...." Katka Kyptova

It's a hard lifestyle with little financial gain and difficult social perceptions. Can you blame her. Another reason to support Female Bodybuilding.

We wish Katka all the best in her future endeavors.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sample317X0711 Megan Avalon

Megan Avalon morphMegan Avalon is one of the sexiest muscle girls around and stopped by Area Orion for some enhancement fun.

Fellow deviant Zenx007 asked if I could morph Megan and I sent him a test. He forwarded it to her and she loved it. Megan then came into the labs for a complete workover. Pretty amazing outcome and we'll definitely have more of this Barbie with Muscles at Area Orion in the future.

See more of Megan on her Website. Female muscle and breast expansion morph based on a photo from Trufoto Imaging.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hidden Obsessions & Female Muscle

Hidden Obsessions & Female MuscleWritten by Area Orion for

It seems that many people that love female bodybuilders keep it hush hush in their public lives. These private admirers sift through female muscle related websites and forums, afraid to let the outside world know. Why is that?

The internet has created a new culture where anyone can anonymously find and access information on any interest or fetish. A sort of digital Peeping Tom arose or ... the Lurker. Lurkers are common in internet culture and research indicates that they "make up over 90% of online groups" (Nonnecke & Preece 2000). I would guess the number amongst female muscle fans is even higher. Here may be a few reasons why.

MSNBC recently did a story on how Cultural images influence our perception of attractiveness. It cites an article in Psychological Science that says what we think is attractive, or beautiful, is whatever requires the least amount of effort. Basically whatever is easiest and familiar. “What you like is a function of what your mind has been trained on,” says Piotr Winkielman of the University of California at San Diego.

I've seen many blogs cite female bodybuilders as "horrifying" or "freaks" yet they show photo after photo. One writer called them "vomit-inducing" which "inspired me to create this collection of horribly unattractive muscular women." The photo shown was beautiful Lenda Murray with the tag 'ugly women'. Another writes, "Female bodybuilders are like futuristic cyborg soldiers sent to Earth to scare the complete sh*t out of grown men, children and small animals." We get the point. The general media doesn't think women with muscle are attractive... or secretly do they? Why go to all the trouble of lambasting these women.

An article from rates Female Bodybuilders as the #1 type of woman that men secretly lust over. They say "Sexual attraction is a mystical voodoo, and we often secretly want to be with those whose body types and personalities that are not considered ideal -- and sometimes those that are considered taboo." So are women with muscles taboo?

A taboo is a social prohibition created by society. Even if female bodybuilder physiques are privately admired by men and women, many still judge them publicly. Female bodybuilders receive comments ranging from 'she looks like a man' to 'she could bench press me'. Bodybuilder Kristi Bruce says, "I don’t want to look like a man. I want to look like a powerful version of myself." Well said, and I'm sure the thought of most female bodybuilders.

Someone insulted Suzanne Germano with the comment "sleeping with me would be like sleeping with a man." Another ignorant comment from which I've seen many articles in rebut. A certain homophobic fear from society does set in for the admirer, asking the question "does being attracted to female bodybuilders make you gay?"

In the forums of Unreal Muscle, Isabelle Turrell simply asked for user's Facebook links. It quickly turned into a discussion on how many admirers weren't comfortable with adding bodybuilders as Facebook friends. One wrote, "Being a female muscle admirer is like being gay 50 years ago, it's considered in best case comical, in worst case a deeply perverted sickness." Fear of what society says is a powerful force.

These are intriguing reasons why some people hide their passion for female muscle from the outside world. Female Bodybuilders may always be considered taboo and a sick, perverted fetish by society. Is there anything than can be done to change perception or does it even matter in the grand scheme of things.

I don't really know the answer, I'm just an anonymous fan.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Firm with Jenny

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sample316X0711 Muscle Morph

Fabiola Boulanger female muscle morph
Fabulous Fabiola Boulanger gains some serious growth at Area Orion. This may be a morph, but she told me "The physique I'll bring to the stage on October 9th will surprise you." Can't wait to see!

Friday, July 8, 2011


Laura Michelle Prestin morphMiss Prestin has been bad... very bad.

I did this awhile back in hopes of making into a mini-comic, but this is as far as it got. Breast expansion morph from Area Orion

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Cindy Phillips
There's nothing closer to real-life Superheroines than muscles girls in costume. These Women of Steel sure know how to fill out the Super duds. Somebody save me... please.
Lori Steele Jennifer Nicole Lee Aubrie Richeson Amy Lee Martin Supergirl Trina Gillis
Pictured (top): Cindy Phillips. (l to r): Lori Steele, Jennifer Nicole Lee, Aubrie Richeson, Amy Lee Martin, Unknown, Trina Gillis

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Maiken Emborg muscle morphGoddess by the Sea.

Maiken Emborg by special request. I've never heard of this absolutely amazing Pro Figure competitor until now, and hope to see more of her in the future. Female muscle morph from Area Orion

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Red, White & Blue Muscle

Betty Viana Jamie Eason
Oh my Stars & Stripes! What better way to celebrate American Independence than with hot muscle women wearing Old Glory. Happy 4th of July.

Amanda Dunbar Sasha Porshnikoff Amanda Zawojsky Red, White & Blue
Lea Damonte Gina Farnsworth Brigita Brezovac Lisa Bickels
Renee O'Neil April Hunter Zuzanna Korinkova Nikki Warner
Isabelle Turell Heather Green Jennifer Scarpetta Rosemary Jennings

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