Friday, March 30, 2012

Quadra-Blu and the God Machine

Lyman Dally takes Quadra-Blu to new frontiers in a music video contest for Gary Numan's "This Wreckage."

He says, "The song's moody exploration of the destructive power of sudden fame anticipates the emotions that Quadra-Blu may experience as she becomes known throughout the universe, so I couldn't resist featuring her."

Sample391AA0312 RhondaLee

Rhonda Lee Quaresma
Female bodybuilder RhondaLee Quaresma gets pumped up, and up and up at the magical SheMuscle/Area Orion gym. If you look close, even the poster got buff.

An Area Orion female muscle and breast expansion morph.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rockstar Muscle

Steve Perry & female bodybuilders
Steve Perry & female bodybuilders Steve Perry & female bodybuilders
Steve Perry, lead singer of Journey, poses with female bodybuilders at the Bay Area Music Awards or "Bammies" in 1987. Deborah Schilber says, "That is me on the left! I was working out at the World Gym in San Rafael, and the Gal to the right worked out at the Gold's Gym in San Francisco."

When you start Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' those massive Open Arms, Don't Stop Believin' you'll be the one Who's Crying Now. Sorry, that was bad.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Famous Fictional Amazonian Beauties

By Olivia Lennox for Area Orion
There might not be an actual solid definition of Amazonian Beauty (or AB), yet sources and examples might suggest that an AB’s core representation is that of a very muscular woman, who may or may not be liable to throw a sofa bed at you. Whatever the case, muscles are a focal point for the AB trope and fiction/literature has furnished us with a variety of examples, both recent and from times past.
Comic books, games, and film are all rife with classic examples of the AB, you do not have to look very far. In fact, your life might already be saturated with them, to the point that you accept them as just a part of fiction rather than part of a specific trope such as this. Such examples that have seeped into the public consciousness might include:
She-HulkKnown as Shulk/Shulkie to fans and friends alike, She-Hulk is the distaff counterpart to the comic book hero, the Incredible Hulk. As well as being incredibly strong and muscular (and incredibly green all over, thanks to exposure to gamma radiation) she is an excellent and highly skilled lawyer, as well as cousin to Bruce Banner, the original Hulk.

Formerly known as Jennifer Walters, she starts out as a relatively shy and demure defence lawyer, who was wounded when shot by a mafia crime boss who had issues with her father, with unfortunate consequences for her. Needing a blood transfusion and the only person with a compatible blood type nearby happening to be Bruce Banner, she received a transfusion of his own radioactive blood. This gamma-laced blood, coupled with Jennifer’s own anger (anger being the key ingredient in transforming Bruce Banner into the Hulk) kick-started her own transformation into the being known as She-Hulk. Suffice it to say, the mobsters that came to finish her off in the hospital were in for a surprise.

Chun-LiChun-Li, the fighter of Chinese origin from the popular Street Fighter series of fighting games, is instantly recognisable to video game fans and is indeed one of the iconic mainstays of the series. She has not only appeared in her game incarnation, but has also appeared in books, comics, magazines, cartoons, film…You name it, she has appeared in it in some respect.

Whilst at first glance she might appear to be of average size, yet it is her thighs that have garnered her attention and serve her well within the fighting community. Her particularly well-muscled thighs are the central point of her special moves, being a flurry of devastating kicks, a helicopter kick-move of sorts, as well as her general fighting style. Not to mention that fact that she can hold her own against electric monsters and gigantic sumo wrestlers, which means she must be packing some series muscle in order to contend with that crowd.

Wonder Woman
Wonder WomanDepending on her incarnation and how she is rendered, Wonder Woman can conform to the AB trope rather spectacularly and doubly so, considering the fact that she’s an ACTUAL Amazon.

Wonder Woman’s appearances in fiction can be dated all the way back to 1941 and she was actually a warrior princess amongst the Amazons (based on ones from Greek mythology). Known then as Diana of Themyscira, she had a variety of skills/powers which included the obligatory superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, and later flight. A brilliant fighter and tactician, she also possesses her famed Lasso of Truth, which forces those ensnared by it to tell the truth. As well as the Lasso, she owns indestructible bracelets, an invisible jet, and a tiara which doubles as some kind of projectile.

Ever since her inception in 1941, Wonder Woman has long been a mainstay in comics, as well as being featured in movies and a number of TV series. With talk of another movie in the works, there will be plenty of opportunities to see this Amazon for some time to come.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Alina Popa Spotlight

Alina Popa
Ever since I ever knew, I was the very active, sportive kind of kid. I had endless energy resources and I loved sports. I began with some track when I was 12 years old. I didn’t do competitions in track and field but in my summer holidays I used to train 2 times a day, about 3 hours each time. I loved to sprint and didn’t like the long distance races. Starting with 15 I started to attend aerobics classes and I loved the fitness part of it, working with weights. At 18 I entered the gym in my native town just to keep fit and lose some weight. That was the moment I fell in love with bodybuilding. I remember, upon starting to go to the little gym in my quiet native town, I began to read the little thin bodybuilding magazines that I could find on the Romanian market at that time. The competition movement in Romanian bodybuilding was kind of poor at that time, but I remember one girl in the gym getting ready for a National Junior Championship…and I admit I felt admiration for her and I wished I had her muscles . I kept on training for the next two years until one day I entered another gym in another town, where I was a student, and the trainer there saw my potential and suggested to me I should train to compete. I’ll never forget how honored I felt…and how happy. So I guess I would have liked to compete but I didn’t manage till I got someone to support me and help me.

See more of Alina at, Facebook & Twitter
Alina Popa Alina Popa Alina Popa
Alina Popa Alina Popa Alina Popa
Competition History:
2011 Ms International - 3rd
2010 Ms International - 8th
2008 IFBB Worlds Santa Susanna, first heavyweight & overall
2007 NABBA Miss Universe, Miss Physique class
2006 1st place Grand Prix Due Torri, Bologna, Italy
2005 5th place Women’s European Championship, Yalta, Ukraine
2005 second place Mixed Pairs European Championship with Angelo Alexa
2004 second place IFBB European Championship, heavyweight in Tavira, Portugal-2003 first place National Championship, middleweight

Monday, March 26, 2012


Raye Holitt morphProbably more than any other female bodybuilder, Raye Hollitt is one of the reasons I'm a female muscle fan. This almost went to the Area Orion vault, but thought I'd share.

An Area Orion female muscle morph

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Pump Room

News from the Female Muscle world.

Sarah HurrieHigh on Hurrle!
The second edition of the new Pro Physique division competitions for 2012 was propelled this weekend at the Busch Student Center on the campus of St. Louis University. With so many potential pro competitors apparently still quietly playing the wait-and-see game and just how judges are reacting to what they see on stage, a small contingent of nine contestants took the next step in helping form the early foundations of how this division will proceed.

Denise MilaniDenise Milani Going For Pro!
Every day I get emails asking when I will be competing again. As of now, it looks like I will be competing in July for a pro card (it’s my dream)! I will be starting my prep in May and I can’t wait to share it with you again. There is nothing like sharing my journey with my fans and friends! I’m so happy to have this opportunity thank you soooo much.

Justine MunroJustine Munro 5 stitches!
Justine Munro was invited to the Bikini International, but ended up not competing at the last minute. She states "The morning of the show I fell and split open my chin. I actually have 15 stitches, and I also moved my chin four inches to the side". Here she chats with Ruth Silverman.......

Frida PalmellFemale bodybuilder Frida Palmell gets Pro card
There are sooo many whom I want to thank for this. You, all friends and my family that has supported when it’s been hard, for putting up with me when I was a pain in the ass, you who believed in me and you who did not. Thanks swe. federation for helping me get my dream come true ..

Teenage BodybuildersTeenage Ms Olympias – the big, buff, beautiful female bodybuilders just 16-years-old
MEL has the thick, muscled biceps of a seasoned female bodybuilder. Her bulging shoulders are doorway wide and she has traps most musclemen would be proud of. But this muscular maiden (pic above right), apparently on the brink of bodybuilding stardom, is just 16 years old and a high school student. She is one of a growing army of teenage girls swapping boys for bodybuilding as kudos of being a 'buff babe' grows by the day.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Ashton TaylorAshton Taylor is one sexy fitness & glamour model. We just added a little more sexy.

An Area Orion breast expansion morph based on a photo from Markese Photography.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chest Exercise

chest exercise
chest exercise chest exercise
Pick 'em up, put 'em down, repeat often. A key to staying fit and happy from Area Orion. See more Sexy Women Working Out, two of my favorite things.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Muscle Dominatrix

Aleesha Young Lisa Cross
Dominique Danger Ester Parisi Tina Chandler
Leather, whips, chains and lot of muscle... better do what the lady says. These female bodybuilder dominatrices could easily force you to do their bidding... as if you'd want to disobey.

Pictured (l to r): Aleesha Young, Lisa Cross, Dominique Danger, Ester Parisi, Tina Chandler

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sample387AA0312 Big Muscle

Salla Kauranen muscle morphMassive female bodybuilder Salla Kauranen returns to the labs thanks to our friends from This fabulous Finnish female doesn't need any enhancement… but good God look at the results.

An Area Orion female muscle morph.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lori Says...

Lori Braun muscle morph Lori Braun muscle morph
What do Female Bodybuilders & Fitness Models think of their Area Orion morphs? Here's what Lori Braun of said.

"You are so talented. I love the morphs you did of me. I'm showing them to my friends and family and they love them! Some thought I had a muscle suit on." - Lori

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Olya Haidner Before & After

Olya Haidner transformation
We've all seen how the miraculous fitness transformation ads can be faked. This is not.

Olya Haidner
gained 100 lbs after her two pregnancies and in 2004 was given a gym membership for a birthday present. She states, "I started a transformation of my eating habits along with my body. I educated myself about healthy eating and benefits of the food I consume every day. I finally started to notice the benefits of my goal: I feel healthier, lighter physically and emotionally."

Monday, March 12, 2012


Jet Black British Barbie
Glamour model Natalie Springer goes by Jet Black British Barbie. The name fits this beauty, but we added a little extra plastic molding of our own.

An Area Orion breast expansion morph.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Female Muscle on TV

We here all love female bodybuilders and muscular women... but the world at large has different views. Its always great to see mainstream media feature these lovely ladies, even if not always in a positive light.

Sample385AA0312 Jill Rudison

jill rudison muscle morphPhysique competitor Jill Rudison agreed to enter the labs for body amplification. This blonde beauty came out super stacked, jacked and racked.

See more of Jill at, Facebook & Twitter.

An Area Orion female muscle morph based on a photo from

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Muscle Tree

Tara Silzer Myriam Bustamante
Female bodybuilders Tara Silzer and Myriam Bustamante give their friends a swing. They're stronger than a tall oak and a hellova lot more fun.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Karina Nascimento

Karina NascimentoKarina Nascimento is a Brazilian born bodybuilder / fitness model turned physique competitor. She moved to Texas in 1986 and that is where her love for bodybuilding started at the age of 16. Running track and playing volleyball made her want to be more defined and want to change her body from the average look. After many endeavors in her childhood, she decided to change her life completely and soon met her first trainer, Herman Steele, in Arlington, Texas. He changed her body into a work of art. Soon she started to win overall championships in bodybuilding shows. Karina loved the challenge of working out and competing.

After such a successful amateur career, Karina went back to Brazil and was awarded her Pro Card by Brazilian IFBB President, Alexander Pagnani. Karina loves representing both Brazil and the United States in bodybuilding. In 2003, Karina was invited to compete in the prestigious Ms. International, the ladies’ event competition at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic. As a rookie, she placed an incredible third place, beating several highly ranked professional bodybuilders. Her career sky-rocketed.

Even though Karina loves bodybuilding, she is at heart a “fashion girl.” This motivated her to pursue a fitness and modeling career rather than the hardcore bodybuilding path. She met her husband at that time and decided to enter the figure division in the IFBB. For the next seven years, Karina devoted herself to being a great mom. She has three children: Kristina (7), Teddy (5), and Gabriella (2). Now she is ready to compete again; this time in the women’s physique division. With her great looks and well honed physique, she will be certainly be at the top of the field for a long time to come.

See more of Karina at & Twitter

Karina Nascimento Karina Nascimento Karina Nascimento
Karina Nascimento Karina Nascimento Karina Nascimento
Competition History
1999 Ronnie Coleman classic. 1st and overrall
2000 Red River Classic. 1st and overall
2000 ironmaiden. 1st and overall
2001 women Extravaganza. 1st and overall
2003 IFBB PRO Miss International. 3rd place
2012 Desert Muscle Classic. 1st Women's Physique

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Give 'em a Hand!

Dayna O'Connel
handstand handstand
handstand Regiane da Silva
A handstand requires balance and upper body strength. Here are women that take it to the next level by removing one hand and adding a heavy dose of sexy.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Laura Binetti muscle morphCanadian female bodybuilder Laura Binetti was one of the first supremely massive women on the scene. Here's Laura at a whole new level of massiveness.

An Area Orion female muscle enhancement.
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