Thursday, January 31, 2019


I don't typically jump on social media fads, but this is one I can certainly get behind. Here a few of the many wonderful female muscle transformations posted in Instagram in the past few weeks.
Noelle Rockwell
Noelle Rockwell

Silvia Kovacsova
Silvia Kovacsova
Rita Bello
Rita Bello
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia
Heather Munson
Heather Munson

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

FLEX - An "Experimental Dance Party" With Female Bodybuilders

Late for Work's Ammy Juliet Garcia (left)
Miami New Times: Sometimes you reach a point where you're pretty convinced you've seen it all. But in Miami, we're always looking for new ways to reinvent the party wheel. Rather than become jaded by the same old nightlife offerings week after week, creative collective Late for Work came together this past October with one mission: to create unique experiences.

Rita Bello
Rita Bello
Composed of Ramhofer and Ammy Juliet Garcia, Late for Work has launched a series of "experimental dance parties" across the city. "I've always had a thing for contortionists," Garcia says. The idea for Flex, a new dance party every third Thursday at Las Rosas, was born out of her love for the sort of hyperflexible, spandex-clad performance artists typically associated with the circus. It's extreme, physical, dramatic spectacle. These performers can sometimes be found twisting around giant metal hoops at SoBe clubs. At Flex, Garcia and Ramhofer offer a variation on the theme: female bodybuilders.

"There’s this one lady at the YouFit [gym] on 79th [Street]," Garcia says of Rita Bello, Flex's inaugural performer. "She's superbuilt, so she's kinda the inspiration behind it." At the first Flex party last month, Bello accompanied a lineup of DJs and live performers by posing live — showing off her physique in competition wear. She also judged a flexing competition in which party guests attempted to mimic some of Bello's classic and most challenging poses.

The second iteration of the monthly event, Late for Work will present two new female bodybuilders. But the idea for Flex isn't limited to bodybuilding. The party plans to expand to contortionists in the future — "anything out of the ordinary within the theme of flexing," Garcia says.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Party of Five

Jennifer Love Hewitt muscle morph
This project was started in 2010, but due to certain circumstances, it was shelved in the Area Orion vault.  9 years later I could care less! I brought it out and reworked it as a “celebrity muscle morph” with the lovely Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is almost a twin to the original model.

Art, even female muscle morphs, shouldn’t stay hidden.

Sample580LA0119. An Area Orion female muscle morph.

Monday, January 21, 2019


Dadaflix Definitely a new blog to check out. Created by Beckie Roth, Dadaflix is an independent comics publisher about sexy stories and articles about female health. She's an artist, morpher, storyteller, all-around bad ass, as well as Area Orion lab test subject.

Do me a favor and send her some love at You can also see more of her work at:
Dadaflix Store

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Ultraviolet: Bulking Up

Lifting, eating and f^©&ing - what else is a girl to do when she can’t go outside. UV gains muscle faster than trainers expected, but she’s got a secret.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Lenda Murray's Still Got It

Lenda Murray

Lenda Murray

The 8 time Ms. Olympia Champion Lenda Murray may be 56 years but she's still hot as hell and could kick your ass :)

Currently, Lenda lives in California where she owns and operates, Operation Boot Camp. Muscle and Fitness dubbed Lenda "the shape of things to come".

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Maria Garcia teeny purple bikini

Maria Garcia

Maria Garcia

Here’s the gorgeous Maria Garcia in a teeny purple bikini that keeps getting teenier. I love collaborating with MuscleGirlFlix.

Sample579LA0119a & b. An Area Orion breast expansion morph.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Female Bodybuilding Champion Pinar Coban Shot Dead By Boyfriend In Turkey

Pinar Coban

FITNESSVOLT: An unfortunate ending to a promising career

It was such a tragic ending to a promising career and a precious life. Female bodybuilding champion Pinar Coban (31), was shot dead in the Western Turkish province of Izmir by her boyfriend Ferhan Saricam (38).

The couple was found dead in their apartment Late Dec 28, after Saricam murdered Coban before turning the gun on himself. Saricam called his uncle after he shot Coban and said goodbye before he took his own life.

Neighbors called the police after hearing gunshots and explained they always heard frequent loud arguing between the two before the incident.

Pinar Coban won many national and international titles and it’s extremely heartbreaking to hear of such a young life taken so abruptly.

Authorities have undergone an investigation due to the incident.
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