Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Maria Calo Spotlight

Female bodybuilder
I was born in Argentina and am a professional bodybuilder since 1994, although I have not had many opportunities to compete. I’ve established myself in the USA in 1999. I competed in different sports before I started bodybuilding (including Fencing, Track and Field events). I like to work out heavy but my priority is to improve muscle details. I enjoy Art and music very much, specially classical, Dalli and Picasso are my favorite artists. I love to know and learn about other Cultures, I think that everyone in every nation has something in common. I have extensive background in different fields including: Exercise Physiology, Sports Science and Aerobics and Fitness Professor/Instructor.

I have excellent genetics to built muscle, and I put in quality time and dedication at the GYM. I love to be strong, big and feminine. I don’t really care when people say we can’t be feminine. Femininity comes from manners and education, and most of those unkind people do not know those words. I consider myself smart, sensitive and I love to have sense of humor.

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