Tuesday, June 2, 2020

IFBB Pro Beverly DiRenzo Passes Away At Age 49

Beverly DiRenzo
Beverly DiRenzo
FitnessVolt: The bodybuilding community is in a state of mourning, yet again. This time, it is due to the fact IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Beverly DiRenzo has tragically passed away.

Starting her career as a pro in 2000, Beverly always had a love for fitness, that she developed at a young age. Over her career she established herself to be a top tier talent in women’s bodybuilding, competing in the Open division. She took part in many shows, most notably having solid performances at the Tampa Pro, and winning the NPC National Championships.

Unfortunately it would seem that Beverly DiRenzo has tragically passed away. Her husband broke the news with a post to her Instagram, explaining that she passed away in her sleep. It is unclear at this time what the exact cause of death was, but he clearly was heartbroken at the loss of his spouse.

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