Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Female Bodybuilders in Movies... or Schmoovies

Sick of the standard Hollywood schlock and looking for something different to watch. Can't vouch that these are good, but here's a list of movies featuring female muscle. I give them two pumps up.

A Low Down Dirty Shame (Pillow - real name Therese Bell)
Aces: Iron Eagles III (Rachel McLish)
Alienator(Teagan Clive)
American Angels (Mimi Lesseos)
Armed and Dangerous (Teagan Clive / Tina Plackinger)
Avenging Quartet (Michiko Nishiwaki)
Beautiful (Spice Williams)
Beyond Fear (Mimi Lesseos)
Blacktop (Vicky Pratt)
Bookwars (Strong Woman)
Cell, The (Kim Chizevski)
Cherokee Kid, The (Spice Williams)
CIA II: Target Alexia (Lori Fetrick)
City of Women (Bodybuilder)
Cyber Bandits (Kiana Tom)
Dangerous Affection (Spice Williams)
Das Superweib aka: The Superwife (Fitness)
Day of the Warrrior (Raye Hollitt)
Delta Pi(Pillow as Fang)
Dimensional Warrior Spielban (Michiko Nishiwaki)
Dirty Pair 4: Revenge of the Muscle Lady (Bodybuilder)
Double Deception (Erika Andersch)
Double Impact (Cory Everson)
Edge of Hell aka: Rock and Roll Nightmare (Teresa Simpson)
Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend (Bodybuilder)
Felony (Cory Everson)
Final Approach (Cameo Knuer)
Final Impact (Mimi Lesseos)
Fist of Justice or Ballistic (Cory Everson)
Getting Physical (Rachel McLish, Lisa Lyons)
Gladiator Cop (Astrid Falconi)
The Guyver (Spice Williams)
Hardbodies (Bodybuilder)
Hard Drive (Spice Williams)
Hard Ticket To Hawaii (Lory Green)
Hitler Tapes, The (Bodybuilder)
Hollywood Hot Tubs 2: Educating Crystal(Spice Williams)
Hustler of Muscle Beach, The (Lisa Lyons)
Interzone (Teagan Clive)
Iron Virgin Jun (Bodybuilder)
It's Alive III: Island of the Alive (Gladys Portugues)
Jumping Jack Flash (Teagan Clive)
Knights (Kathy Long)
The Last Hour (Raye Hollitt)
The Last Riders (Mimi Lesseos)
Le Sphinx (Bodybuilder)
Legacy (Vicky Pratt)
Letters From a Killer (Raye Hollitt)
Low Blow (unknown)
Magic Cop (Michiko Nishiwaki)
Man on the Moon (Michiko Nishiwaki)
Maximum Surge (Spice Williams)
Miracle, The (Bodybuilder)
Mob Boss (Teagan Clive)
Mod Fuck Explosion (Weightlifter)
Morning After, The (Gladys Portugues / Cory Everson)
Ms Loo: Lady of the Dragon (Bodybuilder)
My Lucky Stars (Michiko Nishiwaki)
Naked Truth, The (Spice Williams)
Nemesis 2,3,4 (Sue Price, Sharon Bruneau, Debbi Muggli)
Number One With a Bullet (Spice Williams)
Obsession: A Taste for Fear aka: Pathos (Teagan Clive)
Once a Thief: Family Business (Vicky Pratt)
Quietfire (Laura Vukov / Dorothy Herndon)
Penitentiary III (Raye Hollitt)
Personal Vendetta (Mimi Lesseos)
Pool Days (Bodybuilder)
Pumping Iron II (several)
Pushed to the Limit (Mimi Lesseos)
Pushing Tin (actress as a fitness competitor)
Rage and Honor(Kathy Long, Cynthia Rothrock)
Raven Hawk (Rachel McLish)
Restraining Order(Spice Williams)
Ring of Fire 2 (Leilani Dalumpines)
Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion (Kathy Long)
Scary Movie (Jan Trcka aka Cassie Kav.)
Sexbomb (Spice Williams)
Sinbad of the Seven Seas (Teagan Clive)
Skin Deep (Raye Hollitt)
Smooth Operator (Bodybuilder)
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (Spice Williams)
Stranded (Spice Williams)
The Stranger (Kathy Long)
Streets of Rage (Mimi Lesseos)
Superfights (Bodybuilder)
T-Force (Spice Williams)
Tornado Run (Sharon Bruneau)
Toxic Avenger 2,3, The (Bodybuilder)
Triple Impact (Bridgett Riley)
Under the Gun (Kathy Long)
Universal Soldier II: The Return (Kiana Tom)
Vamp (Lisa Lyons)
Vice Academy 2 (Teagan Clive as BimboCop)
Wild Thing (Sandra Blackie)
Wizards of the Demon Sword (Tina Plackinger)

List compiled by Fistman

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