Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Bodybuilder Joanna Thomas Found Dead, Age 43

We're deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Joanna Thomas, a star in the world of Female Bodybuilding who passed away at such a young age. She was one of our first and favorite Area Orion morph subjects. You will be missed.

Joanna Thomas

FitnessVolt: The bodybuilding world took a massive hit over the weekend, as another athlete has been taken from us too soon. This time, it was British bodybuilder Joanna Thomas, who was found dead at the age of 43.

Thomas was an IFBB Pro, competing professionally since the early 2000’s. Moreover, she was the youngest female to earn her IFBB Pro card, doing so at just 21 years old. As a result, many thought she would have a promising career ahead of her. Unfortunately, difficulties with osteoarthritis began causing her severe health issues, rendering her nearly immobile.
According to a Facebook post from her brother, Joanna Thomas tragically lost her life on Sunday, April 26th. This was heartbreaking news that affected everyone in the bodybuilding world.

This is especially tragic news given the circumstances of Joanna’s health condition. She had been struggling for a while, not able to leave her house towards the end of her life. At a bare minimum, a certain amount of solace can be taken in the fact that she no longer has to suffer.

In terms of bodybuilding careers, Joanna Thomas had a pretty solid. Earning her Pro Card in 1998, she competed in some big shows over the years, including the Ms. Olympia. In addition to that, she became a nurse at the same time as pursuing her bodybuilding career, expressing a love for helping others. Ultimately, she would retire from the sport in 2007.
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