Thursday, March 1, 2012

A morph by any other name

You've seen one female muscle morph, you've seen them all right? Think again. There are different nuances to this fetish art you may not be aware of.

The term morph as it's used in the fantasy muscle world is a misnomer. A morph is really a special effect that changes one image into another in a seamless transition, like in Michael Jackson's Black & White video. One thing "morphs" into something else entirely. What Area Orion and other FMG morpher's really do is photo manipulation and enhancement with image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. Morph seems to have stuck so we use it.

Female muscle morphs fall into two main classifications: Super-Sized and What-If. Super-Sized morphs aim to depict women with more muscle than humanly possible. What-If morphs show how celebrities, models or everyday women would look with muscle. Within those classifications, there are various styles of morphing - or methods artists use to create photographic digital muscle enhancements.

Bigify morphEnlarges existing muscles with digital editing tools (like Liquify).
By blackadder74

FaceOff morphTransplants the face of a celebrity/model on to the body of a female bodybuilder.
By luvfemuscle

PaintOver morph
Uses artistic tools and techniques, like airbrushing, to enhance the digital image beneath.
By bigdan

Grafts various body parts to create the desired physique.
By edinaus

TransGen morph
Start with a male bodybuilder. Add boobs, pretty face and remove the package.
By paddy86

Each style has advantages and disadvantages, so it comes down to which works best for what you're trying to achieve. Styles are sometimes used in conjunction with another. Here's a morph that mixes them all. We Transgen a Bigify morph (created by BigDudes). Frankenmorph on breasts, FaceOff with a model and add some PaintOver effects. That's one big-ass Brooklyn Decker.
chris brooklyn arrow Big Brooklyn
For more various styles of female muscle morphing, check out Morphs & Manips over at #FemaleMuscle. You can see all Area Orion Morphs and view a tutorial on the method I use.

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