Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Little nuggets of news from the Female Muscle world.

Karina NascimentoKarina Nascimento Wins
Karina Nascimento wins the first Pro Women's Physique competition at the 2012 IFBB Desert Muscle Classic.
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Rene CampbellCould public opinion be coming around to embracing women bodybuilders?
Historically female bodybuilders in the mainstream media have often been treated as freaks or women with problems. But with so many more women now pumping iron the muscled look is becoming more acceptable – even the extremely muscled look. An analysis of the first 150 comments left on the story show that just over 40% loved Rene's physique, 26% were on the fence, and only 33% were actively turned off by her hardcore female bodybuilder look.

Karina NascimentoKarina Returns
If the name Karina Nascimento doesn't ring an immediate bell, it's understandable, especially if you have only come to follow women's bodybuilding in the last five years. But make no mistake, she was an impressive Brazilian import at the turn of the millennium. Exotic, sultry and looking like she walked straight off the beaches of Rio, Karina Nascimento was eye-catching at 5-4 and weighing at the 130-pound mark for her first contest efforts.

Wardel MilanWardell Milan: A Series of Inspiring Women
An exhibition of new work by Wardell Milan. Comprised of drawings of female bodybuilders and Milan’s now signature tulips, the show displays the artist’s subtle hand as well as his layered perspective on physicality and beauty. In his Female Bodybuilders, Milan furthers his exploration of the athletic, muscular body. The subjects of his drawings, taken from industry magazines and combined with other imagery of women from fashion and pornography, hover between the heroic and the grotesque.

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