Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Pump Room

News from the Female Muscle world.

Sarah HurrieHigh on Hurrle!
The second edition of the new Pro Physique division competitions for 2012 was propelled this weekend at the Busch Student Center on the campus of St. Louis University. With so many potential pro competitors apparently still quietly playing the wait-and-see game and just how judges are reacting to what they see on stage, a small contingent of nine contestants took the next step in helping form the early foundations of how this division will proceed.

Denise MilaniDenise Milani Going For Pro!
Every day I get emails asking when I will be competing again. As of now, it looks like I will be competing in July for a pro card (it’s my dream)! I will be starting my prep in May and I can’t wait to share it with you again. There is nothing like sharing my journey with my fans and friends! I’m so happy to have this opportunity thank you soooo much.

Justine MunroJustine Munro 5 stitches!
Justine Munro was invited to the Bikini International, but ended up not competing at the last minute. She states "The morning of the show I fell and split open my chin. I actually have 15 stitches, and I also moved my chin four inches to the side". Here she chats with Ruth Silverman.......

Frida PalmellFemale bodybuilder Frida Palmell gets Pro card
There are sooo many whom I want to thank for this. You, all friends and my family that has supported when it’s been hard, for putting up with me when I was a pain in the ass, you who believed in me and you who did not. Thanks swe. federation for helping me get my dream come true ..

Teenage BodybuildersTeenage Ms Olympias – the big, buff, beautiful female bodybuilders just 16-years-old
MEL has the thick, muscled biceps of a seasoned female bodybuilder. Her bulging shoulders are doorway wide and she has traps most musclemen would be proud of. But this muscular maiden (pic above right), apparently on the brink of bodybuilding stardom, is just 16 years old and a high school student. She is one of a growing army of teenage girls swapping boys for bodybuilding as kudos of being a 'buff babe' grows by the day.

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