Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Karina Nascimento

Karina NascimentoKarina Nascimento is a Brazilian born bodybuilder / fitness model turned physique competitor. She moved to Texas in 1986 and that is where her love for bodybuilding started at the age of 16. Running track and playing volleyball made her want to be more defined and want to change her body from the average look. After many endeavors in her childhood, she decided to change her life completely and soon met her first trainer, Herman Steele, in Arlington, Texas. He changed her body into a work of art. Soon she started to win overall championships in bodybuilding shows. Karina loved the challenge of working out and competing.

After such a successful amateur career, Karina went back to Brazil and was awarded her Pro Card by Brazilian IFBB President, Alexander Pagnani. Karina loves representing both Brazil and the United States in bodybuilding. In 2003, Karina was invited to compete in the prestigious Ms. International, the ladies’ event competition at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic. As a rookie, she placed an incredible third place, beating several highly ranked professional bodybuilders. Her career sky-rocketed.

Even though Karina loves bodybuilding, she is at heart a “fashion girl.” This motivated her to pursue a fitness and modeling career rather than the hardcore bodybuilding path. She met her husband at that time and decided to enter the figure division in the IFBB. For the next seven years, Karina devoted herself to being a great mom. She has three children: Kristina (7), Teddy (5), and Gabriella (2). Now she is ready to compete again; this time in the women’s physique division. With her great looks and well honed physique, she will be certainly be at the top of the field for a long time to come.

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Karina Nascimento Karina Nascimento Karina Nascimento
Karina Nascimento Karina Nascimento Karina Nascimento
Competition History
1999 Ronnie Coleman classic. 1st and overrall
2000 Red River Classic. 1st and overall
2000 ironmaiden. 1st and overall
2001 women Extravaganza. 1st and overall
2003 IFBB PRO Miss International. 3rd place
2012 Desert Muscle Classic. 1st Women's Physique

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