Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Swole Juice

"Schoolgirl Danni was tired of being small... she wanted nothing more in life than to be HUGE..."

Mz. Devious swole juice
Mz. Devious offers up Female Muscle Growth & Shirt Ripping in her latest video clip School girl drinks the growth elixir. I've got mad love for any Female Bodybuilder that gets into the fantasy FMG game. Check it out on her Clips4Sale page.

"...The guys on the football team drink 'Swole Juice" which gives them more aggression and size. She takes this drink home and turns on the camera to record what is about to happen for scientific purposes... Instantly she feels it working.. her shirt becomes tighter... she now has big biceps.. and already her shirt begins to tear.. so SHE DRINKS SOME MORE.. and more she GROWS !! BIGGER AND BIGGER ! She shreds her shirt into pieces and shouts.. with new found confidence " I'M A FUCKING BEAS.T.. I'M A B.EAST , I'M HUGE" and flexes and while drinking the last bit of this magical juice she realizes her pecs are bouncing wild and she cannot even control it ! SWOLE JUICE.. it really does work."

She told me the formula, but I promise not to tell. Sounds like a perfect product for the labs of Area Orion and maybe we can convince Danielle to drink a little more.

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