Sunday, January 29, 2012


News from the Female Muscle world.

Beni Lopez11 women who plan to compete in the first ever IFBB Pro Physique Show
11 women are on the official list for the 2012 IFBB Desert Muscle Classic Pro Physique. The show will take place on February 25th in Mesa, AZ. If more enter, they will have to pay the IFBB Pro League a $200 late fee. Beni Lopez, Dana Linn Bailey, Jennifer Smythe, Jullian Reville, Karina Nascimento, LaDrissa Bonivel, Marilena Echohawk, Marina Lopez, Pam Franklin, Susan Salazar, Tracy Bodner

Abbey WatsonNew powerlifting world-record holder is a 13-year-old girl from Colorado
Like many female powerlifters, Abbey Watson doesn't typically get a lot of press attention. Holding eight different world records for her relatively slight weight class -- 105.75 pounds -- as well as 23 U.S. and Colorado state records, Watson is the kind of peak performer who has forced the general public to take notice. To achieve that success, Watson spends at least three very early mornings each week in the gym, doing deadlifts and squats while surrounded by very large men.

Amy PetersAnother Pro Couple Breaks Up
IFBB pros Steve Kuclo & Amy Peters broke up. One of their wedding photos was on our banner in the Summer of 2009. The ending of their relationship was made public on Facebook (Steve has nearly 5000 friends). Some may consider this gossip, but Steve & Amy were the most well known pro couple that I am aware of since Jessica & Peter Putnam broke up. Sad to see a marriage end, but this could be the beginning for something better for the both of them. I wish them well.

Jodie MarshJodie Marsh urges kids to fight back bullies
In a new documentary that she's starring in, the glamour girl-turned-bodybuilder is showing kids they don't need to live in fear and tells victims how to fight back. But as well as helping others who have suffered, filming the show made Marsh come to terms with her own painful demons. The 33-year-old says she has always been bullied, from her schooldays to her first shot at fame in the reality show Essex Wives, to her brief stint in Celebrity Big Brother.

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