Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Female Bodybuilder Brigita Brezovac

Brigita BrezovacI started with karate as a skinny but strong girl. I wanted to achieve more power, explosiveness and strength which I needed in fighting sport so I've decided to join the gym. There I saw the photo of Anja Langer who really impressed me so I started exercising with weights when I was 14 years old.

I've been training karate for eight years; I have a black belt and was a national champion for a few years. I quit the competitions because of my studies and injuries, but I didn’t quit the gym. There I met my boyfriend who suggested me to try competitions. After only three months of preparations I've competed in World championship in Miss Bodybuilding category in 2001 and came in fourth.

The next year I decided to try in Miss Fitness category. I competed in Slovenian Open and I won! In 2003 I was resting on my fitness laurels and wasn't in my best shape so I came third. That was pretty disappointing for me so I’ve decided to train harder for next year.

In 2004 I was preparing very hard for the World Championship! My shape was very good, and spent many hours practicing gymnastics and learning choreography. The prejudging judges disqualified me from fitness class because I was too muscular and put me into bodybuilding category. I won and after that I was told that I should compete in bodybuilding because my physique is more appropriate for bb.

In 2009 I finally competed in the IFBB and placed second in the bodybuilding heavy weight class. I got my IFBB PRO card in December 2009. In 2010 I had my PRO debut and won the show. One week later I won another PRO show. My dream came true. I qualified for Ms. Olympia in September on my birthday.

My role model is Lenda Murray because she was the best representative of female bodybuilding; she joined beautiful body, nice face and great personality with some glowing charm...and she is still a beauty.

See more of Brigita at brigitabrezovacvip.com, Twitter

female bodybuilder Brigita Brezovac female bodybuilder Brigita Brezovac female bodybuilder Brigita Brezovac
female bodybuilder Brigita Brezovac female bodybuilder Brigita Brezovac female bodybuilder Brigita Brezovac
Competition History:
2001 International Miss Fitness
2001 World championship IBFA
2002 Slovenian Open IBFA
2002 World championship IBFA
2003 Slovenian Open IBFA
2003 World championship IBFA
2004 World championship WFF
2004 World championship IBFA
2004 World championship WABBA
2004 Grand Prix Trofeo Athenas
2005 European championship NABBA
2005 European championship IBFA
2006 Slovenian Open IBFA
2006 World championship Universe WPF
2006 World championship IBFA
2006 World championship IBFA
2006 World championship Universe NAC
2007 World championship Universe NABBA
2007 Grand Prix Dionysopolis
2007 Grand Prix Due Torri
2007 World championship Universe NAC
2009 Grand Prix Dionysopolis
2009 IFBB Worlds Women Championship
2010 IFBB Tampa Pro PWB Championship
2010 IFBB Pro Europa Battle of Champions
2010 IFBB Ms Olympia

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