Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is CrossFit Killing Female Bodybuilding?

CrossFit and Female Bodybuilding
Female bodybuilding's downward spiral has been evident to us fans for years. Lack of support within the industry, no media coverage, mass exodus to lesser divisions like Physique and disrespect from the world at large. Add miniscule winnings and lack of corporate sponsorships that are lucrative to competitors in Fitness, Figure & Bikini. Seriously, why bother?

Enter CrossFit, which is gaining serious steam and could take the bodybuilding/fitness world by storm. It's a sport for competitive muscular women with a wide appeal and quantifiable results and goals, something bodybuilding doesn't have (1). I can't remember the last time I've seen a bodybuilding competition on TV, yet the CrossFit Games: The Fittest On Earth is broadcast on ESPN2 and backed by major sponsor Reebok.

Female bodybuilders and Fitness models are beginning to take notice. Across the Twitterverse more and more are including CrossFit into their training or making the switch completely. Natural female bodybuilder Toni West announced that she is training to compete at the CrossFit Games Open in February. Women compete in bodybuilding because of their drive, passion and little else. Who wouldn't want to be involved in something exciting and new that celebrates strong women.

Could this kill female bodybuilding completely? As more move to CrossFit, bodybuilding will surely take a hit. But how could it get much worse? Maybe bodybuilding promoters will take notice and step up their game. It's doubtful.

Like Powerlifting, CrossFit is a tangent sport that could possibly help bodybuilding in the long run. Increased exposure with mainstream CrossFit might bring more fans. Who's to say that CrossFitters wouldn't compete on the BB stage either?

I'm a proponent of any endeavor that supports strong women and hope CrossFit breathes new life into bodybuilding. If not, at least I'll have something interesting to watch on ESPN2. Support Female Bodybuilding

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