Friday, November 22, 2013

Mystery solved

Area OrionArea Orion
Area Orion

Originally published October 18, 2008

I just finished up my first week and I love it. The hours are long, but the work we're doing here is epic, change the world kinda stuff! I've rarely left lab 2 except for the occasional food break.

I did see Meg from lab 1 and we had lunch again. We talked and talked and she told me her project in Lab 1, my heart started pounding. It's called a Celldat scanner and it sends out a ranged signal to scan organic & inorganic cellular material as well as anything data encoded. It can tell you the building components of a person, an ipod, or a software program, anything. Lab 1 is the closest lab to the entrance, and I bet thats what's been modifying the files on my flash drive. I must have been scanned along with my flash drive, to a range just outside the main security check. What fascinates me is how it recognized the correlation between the digital image and the innermost fantasies inside my head, then modify them. The markings might be some sort of digital conversion code.

I mentioned to Meg that I had some files that might have been modified from the scanner. She told me she needs to see them. Not sure I want to share images of my innermost fantasies with someone I just met. My girlfriend doesn't even know that I like big muscular women.

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