Friday, November 8, 2013

First day

Female muscle morph
Female muscle morph

Published October 12, 2008

I just finished my first day in the Orion department. Vince was working so I got to gloat when I showed my clearance pass. Besides Vince, there were a couple Marine guards outside the security check and it took me almost 45 minutes to get through everything.

My orientation took most of the day and included a tour of the facility. I had lunch in the commons and met a quirky but cute girl from lab 1. The Commons is the employee gathering spot for employees. It's got a cafeteria, recreation & fitness center, lounge and even sleeping areas when working long shifts. We finished the tour of  Area Orion except for a couple upper level labs that are still restricted to me then I got settled in lab 2. I can't believe all the military uniforms and important looking people walking around. Rumor is the Vice President will be visiting at the end of the month. Something big is going on and I'm glad I'm here.

I'll keep uploading the images from my flash drive. Still don't know what the mysterious coding is, but it seems to be appearing less.

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