Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Artist Spotlight on Lyman Dally

Lyman DallyQuadra-Blu 

Quadra-BluLyman DallyQuadra-Blu


Lyman DallyLyman Dally was a skinny and bullied kid from New Jersey that liked to draw. He later began lifting weights and eventually became a competitive bodybuilder. This opened his artistic eye to anatomical structure, detail and movement - qualities that still influence his artwork today.

Lyman is best known in the bodybuilding community for his Max Rep™ Mr. Astrotitan 2206 cartoon series which ran in FLEX and Muscular Development magazines during the 1990's. This mostly self-educated artist has taught at the prestigious Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Art and lectured on muscular anatomy, using live female bodybuilders for examples. He has also created over 5,000 editorial illustrations, book illustrations, storyboards and created popular cartoons for MAXIM magazine.

Quadra-BluAfter Max Rep ended, Lyman began creating award-winning art around his passion for wine, and started an online comic series called Living with Les. You can see more of Lyman's work at Lymandally.com Wine art: Oentourage.com Online cartoon about the economy: Livingwithles.com

He also revived Quadra-Blu as an ongoing webseries in 2011 at quadra-blu.com.

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