Thursday, June 28, 2012

Power Girl

Power Girl
DC Comic's Power Girl is a buff, busty and blonde superhero popular with female muscle fans. Born Kara Zor-L on the planet Krypton, she first appeared in All Star Comics #58 in 1976. Kara is the Kryptonian cousin to the Golden Age Superman and possesses the same strengths and abilities. She is essentially Supergirl of an alternate Universe, just more... developed.

On Earth-Two, Clark Kent and his wife Lois adopted Kara after she landed on Earth to help her adjust to life. She soon began her superhero career, but sought to distance herself from Superman's identity. She took the name Power Girl and created her own distinctive costume, replacing the iconic "S" with a hole. Kara created the secret identity of computer programmer Karen Starr to help her adapt to life on Earth. She became a member of various superhero teams and started her own software company StarrWare, Inc.

In 1985, DC Comics wanted to clean up Superman's long convoluted history with the series Crisis on Infinite Earth's. Superman once again became the sole survivor of Krypton and Power Girl's history had to change. Earth-Two was gone and Kara was told she was actually the infant granddaughter of a mage from ancient Atlantis. Thankfully, DC's 2005 series Infinite Crisis restored her status as a survivor from Krypton, became a member of the Justice Society of America and appeared in her own series.

Confused yet? With DC’s new 52 relaunch, Kara was reintroduced as the Earth-2 Supergirl and eventually adopted the identity of Power Girl. You could literally hear fanboys cry as she donned a new full body onesi which covered the gaping chest hole.

You can see more of Power Girl at your local comic book store.

Power GirlPower GirlPower Girl

Power GirlPower GirlPower Girl

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