Thursday, June 14, 2012

Good Eats

Little nuggets of news from the Female Muscle world.

Kizzy VainesAll Hail the British Glamazon
Fashion's Favourite Body-Building Glamazon. Champion female bodybuilder Kizzy Vaines OWNS the word. She told me about how she got into female bodybuilding, her thoughts on female beauty, the elegance of muscle and why she prefers having a designer body over a designer dress.

Jodie MarshJodie wins 1st Place at INFB Natural North America Championships!
Celebrity pin-up turned bodybuilder Jodie Marsh has triumphed at the INBF (International Natural Bodybuilding Federation) Natural North America Bodybuilding Championships, achieving first place in the Women’s Fit Body category.

Katka KyptovaKatka: bodybuilding or physique?
Five months after Katka Kyptova posted on her blog that she planned to compete in the new women’s physique division, she tells us she is still dreaming of competing as a bodybuilder and may not be done yet after all. "I love bodybuilding!" she says.

Ripped Reverend'Ripped Reverend' Finds Joy In Bodybuilding
Amy Richter was slathered up in oil and wearing a sparkling red bikini when she competed in her first bodybuilding contest a few years ago. That was quite a change for an Episcopal priest. Host Michel Martin speaks with the "Ripped Reverend" about keeping the body and spirit strong.

MuscleGirlzLiveMuscleGirlzLive Giving Back to Women's Bodybuilding (MGL) is proud to announce they are the title and exclusive sponsor of the Professional Female Bodybuilding event at the Toronto Pro SuperShow. This new and up and coming innovative webcam site was founded and is owned by IFBB Pro Melody Spetko.

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