Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Colette Guimond Spotlight

Colette GuimondAfter my first year of training I did my first show in 1988 and was immediately addicted even after taking only 4th place. I was small, only 110lbs. Next year I won the Montreal '89 Championship at 114lbs..

I kept improving until 1995, and won many other shows. I was on my way to finally to make my ultimate dream a reality, competing in the Miss O. But an accident stopped me from competing. in the 1997, it could have been Fatal.

Doctors could not believe how fast I was recuperating and that I actually survived. After nine (9) surgeries I am bigger and harder than ever.

I was told that I had amazing potential in competition I chose not to compete because i did not want to deal missing muscles on my left shoulder due to the surgery. I felt that would prevent me for winning. For me it was a great loss that was difficult to accept.

But in 2005 I was on stage again and did manage to get my pro card! I'm Glad because I've beat the odds! "never give up " There always be something great for you waiting there ! I won the heavyweight class at the Canadians.

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Colette GuimondColette GuimondColette Guimond

Colette GuimondColette GuimondColette Guimond

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