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November 2008

Back to normal (Nov. 25, 2008)
Things are getting back to normal around here. Working long hours, but also catching up on TV, reading and other stuff, now that Lily's not around. Ran into Meg at the coffee shop and we talked about all the craziness the last few weeks. Made plans to meet in the mornings for coffee since we don't see each other at work. I'm not looking to jump into another relationship so soon, but she's a great person and we have a good time together. Friends for now. She's starting to look for jobs, but right now spends all day in the gym. She said she just needs to work on herself right now before she goes back into the workplace. I'm trying to be supportive since it's partially my fault she was let go. I was thinking of letting her stay with me to save money, but not sure if that's a good idea?

Anyway, everyone have a great Thanksgiving. I can't make it home this year so have some turkey for me.

Cherchez la femme (Nov. 18, 2008)
Bitch, bitch, bitch! Lily ransacked my apartment, took some stuff and found my DeviantArt site on my computer (as you know. Luckily she didn't change any passwords, so I reset them. I'm pissed! Lesson to everyone: clean-up the browser history and cache from time to time... and get your apartment key back after a bad breakup. I apologize to everyone and thanks for letting her have it. She's out of my life for good.

Late Introductions (Nov. 13, 2008)
Thanks for the 25,000 visits in such a short time! I figured I'd tell you a little about myself. My name is Ben (or Girly Man at work) and I'm originally from the midwest. Went to graduate school on the West coast and got a PhD in Bioengineering. Right after graduation, I interned at a company for 8 months until my work in cellular regeneration got me promoted to their department Area Orion. I thought it was a privately held company, but from all the military personnel, it's got to have some government connection. My clearance level is pretty low, so I'm still in the dark about many of the workings of Area Orion. I really like it here.

Area Orion is a vast underground complex. There are many different labs and I work in Lab 2. Our project is the destruction and restruction of cells. Take an organic object, convert it to energy, then recombine back to it's original state. So far it's only worked on a micro cellular level. Lab 1 has been an area of interest to me since I found out about the Celldat scanner. It's what's taken the images on my flash drive and morphed them into women of my dreams.

Meg works in lab 1 and we've been spending more time together since last week's encounter... until she got fired yesterday. Her Lab Manager Simon found out about our Mile-below club encounter as well as the muscle photo incident with the scanner, wrote her up and she was let go. Asshole.

My personal life has seen better days. Somehow, my girlfriend Lily found out about the images, my female muscle fetish and my fling with Meg. We went to dinner and It got ugly fast. I tried to calm her down and explain, but she kept yelling, throwing stuff and calling me names. She even knew about my Girly Man nickname and put a few twists of her own on it. I should have been honest with her, so I guess I deserve it.
breast expansion She-hulk

The Mile-Below Club (Nov. 6, 2008)
My new friend Meg has been avoiding me since I gave her the morphed female muscle photos from my flash drive. I didn't want to, but I also didn't want to loose my job. Yesterday, I saw her in the common's fitness center while I was getting a bite to eat. She immediately started to leave when she saw me, but I asked her to stay and hear me out. I explained my muscular women fixation and had no idea how the images on my flash drive transformed like that.

What came next surprised the hell out of me. Her face lit up, she gave me a big hug and we went to one of the private rooms to talk. She told me of her mutual fixation with muscles and that she thought she caused the morphed images since she designed the main systems and programming for the Celldat scanner. It scans brain waves as well as cell structure and got a heavy dose of FMG from the both of us. She started laughing, then crying, then attacked me... in the good way. We had hot sex in Area Orion and became new members in the Mile-Below Club!
female muscle morph

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