Tuesday, April 14, 2009

December 2008

Evacuation (Dec 18, 2008)
I'm off today because Orion is temporarily shut down. Yesterday, the place started to shake like an earthquake, but there wasn't any. The alarms went off and everyone was told to evacuate quickly. Stuff was falling down all around, noises everywhere, people running. It was exciting! I've been watching the news, but there hasn't been anything about it. I called my Lab Manager and he's not picking up. I'm sure I'll find out when I go back, but right now I've got a couple days off.

I texted Meg and we met me at our coffee shop. She just finished working out and looked damn good. Her hair was still wet from the shower and the veins on her hands & forearms were bulging. I was caught staring, so she pulled up her sleeve and gave me a quick bicep pose. She's hardly got any fat, so I could see her rock hard muscle. Her constant working out has really paid off and I might be done taking it slow with her. I could barely keep from jumping her in the coffee shop. After I came back down to Earth, I rattled on about the evacuation.

Meg told me she got her job back! She met with the review board and they agreed with her complaint. I'm taking her out tonight to celebrate, dinner and hopefully a lot more for dessert.

Hi (Dec 7, 2008)
Hi, Meg here. Ben is sitting next to me and is letting me update his journal. He was off today and made me dinner, not a bad cook. I'm excited that he showed me this page! I absolutely love his images and the ones from all of you. I want to get HUGE like these women. Even bigger LOL. I have been working out a bunch and have started seeing results. Muscles that is, my chest is already big enough:) Ben's been encouraging me and it's helped me get through this rough patch (he's blushing).

Speaking of rough patches, I saw that bitch Lily having dinner with my old manager Simon. It kinda explains how she found out about the muscle photos and the fling with Ben (he's still blushing). He got me fired and I'm thinking I have grounds for complaint. I set up a meeting with the company's HR director to try and get my job back. Wish me luck.

Gotta go. Maybe Ben will let me do this again. You guys rock and keep up the great artwork.


  1. Could you remember who is the woman in red hat (the 3th pic). Thanks

  2. That's Lisa Bickels playing Santa.


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