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October 2008

Girly Man (Oct. 30, 2008)
I was reluctant, but brought in the modified images for Meg... under threat from administration. They're printouts since no external digital devices are exceptions. I was expecting a disgusted look from her, but she looked horrified and ran out. I haven't seen her in a couple days now. The prints must have gotten around, 'cause my new nickname around Orion is "Girly Man". I'm not a weakling or have a big athletic build, but big enough to hold my own in a fight... and have on occasion. I'm embarrassed about the name, but I've had worse.

To make matters worse, tonight's my anniversary with Lily and I'm here working. Things have been rocky with her lately and this won't help things. Hopefully flowers will work this time.

Mystery solved (Oct. 18, 2008)
I just finished up my first week and I love it. The hours are long, but the work we're doing here is epic, change the world kinda stuff! I've rarely left lab 2 except for the occasional food break.

I did see Meg from lab 1 and we had lunch again. We talked and talked and she told me her project in Lab 1, my heart started pounding. It's called a Celldat scanner and it sends out a ranged signal to scan organic & inorganic cellular material as well as anything data encoded. It can tell you the building components of a person, an ipod, or a software program, anything. Lab 1 is the closest lab to the entrance, and I bet thats what's been modifying the files on my flash drive. I must have been scanned along with my flash drive, to a range just outside the main security check. What fascinates me is how it recognized the correlation between the digital image and the innermost fantasies inside my head, then modify them. The markings might be some sort of digital conversion code.

I mentioned to Meg that I had some files that might have been modified from the scanner. She told me she needs to see them. Not sure I want to share images of my innermost fantasies with someone I just met. My girlfriend doesn't even know that I like big muscular women.

First day
(Oct. 12, 2008)
I just finished my first day in the Orion department. Vince was working so I got to gloat when I showed my clearance pass. Besides Vince, there were a couple Marine guards outside the security check and it took me almost 45 minutes to get through everything.

My orientation took most of the day and included a tour of the facility. I had lunch in the commons and met a quirky but cute girl from lab 1. The Commons is the employee gathering spot for employees. It's got a cafeteria, recreation & fitness center, lounge and even sleeping areas when working long shifts. We finished the tour of Area Orion except for a couple upper level labs that are still restricted to me then I got settled in lab 2. I can't believe all the military uniforms and important looking people walking around. Rumor is the Vice President will be visiting at the end of the month. Something big is going on and I'm glad I'm here.

I'll keep uploading the images from my flash drive. Still don't know what the mysterious coding is, but it seems to be appearing less.

Movin' on up (Oct. 6, 2008)
My internship at the company is ending soon. Based on my performance, I was offered a position in any department... I chose Orion. The HR director met with me to discuss my future roll and explained the extensive background checks and testing required for that department. There's no way I'm backing out now, I'm so close to clearance into Area Orion. Besides, my girlfriend Lily is pretty excited for the stable financial position we'll finally be in. Mountains of school loans, regular living expenses and the damn economy have put a serious strain on our relationship.

He shoots... no good
(Oct. 4, 2008)
I took a longer break than normal last night and made my way back to Orion. I was hoping Lee was working security again. No good. I introduced myself to Vince, made some small talk and gave him a story about leaving something in there from the last shift. Again, no good. I wasn't on the list and he didn't seem to care for my witless banter.

I refilled the flash drive with test files and needed to at least try a proximity test. Last time, my flash drive (with keys) was left at the security checkpoint and never actually made it into the labs. Maybe that was close enough, so I walked over... slowly and talk, talk talk. Vince never caught on, but asked me to leave, so I did and went back to work.

I was anxious to get home and test the drive. Again the text and music files were garbled. A couple other formats didn't even open, but the images had been modified again. I wanted to test a variety of images. Again I had a couple bodybuilders, but also some other organic and inorganic pics in different file formats. Even some line drawings to get an idea of the range of manipulation. Most were undecipherable, but I could tell that something was analyzing them. Can't tell what yet or why, but here's a couple samples.

I could get fired for this!
(Oct. 3, 2008)
I intern at a bio genetics company and last night was invited to the top secret Area Orion for the first time. I'd heard rumors of it, but no one talks directly about its purpose.

It took while to find, but did and entered the security check-point, leaving all my belongings in the safe room before entering the lab 2. I can't reveal what I saw or did, but I wasn't in long. After an equally extensive security check, I changed, got my belongings and went back to my current project.

I got home early this morning, but couldn't sleep. Made some breakfast & turned on the computer. I keep a copy of all my important documents on a flash drive that's connected to my keychain. Music, work notes, emails from my girlfriend and some images. I plugged it in and opened my notes from last night... all jacked up for some reason. Same thing with everything except for one jpg.

Here's where it gets weird. I'm a huge female muscle fan and keep a couple downloaded pics on the drive to keep me occupied from time to time. Most were completely junked, but one came up with a surprise, a photo of a female bodybuilder... but different, with a body of my dreams. Something changed it last night! I cleaned it up as much as possible and have uploaded it.

I'm excited, curious and terrified at the same time. I have to get back into Area Orion.

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