Sunday, February 24, 2019

Who's the Best: CrossFit, Bodybuilding, Weightlifting And Powerlifting

Brooke Ence, Dana Linn Bailey, Mattie Rogers and Maddy Forberg battle in Brute Strength series - FITNESSVOLT

Brute Strength
Brute Strength launched a male athlete face-off last year and because it was received really well, these elite female athletes will get their chance to show each other who’s boss. Each competitor is accomplished in their respective sport and it should be a great test for all four of them.

The first episode was an introduction showcasing each competitor

Here’s a brief summary of each athlete:
Brooke Ence is a CrossFit athlete.
Dana Linn Bailey is the 2013 Ms. Olympia winner.
Mattie Rogers is a weightlifting championship medalist who holds U.S. record in the snatch, clean & Jerk and total.
Maddy Forberg is a National level Powerlifter.

The athletes will compete in four events and each competitor will have an opportunity to shine in their specialty. But, four additional events will level the playing field to show which elite female competitor is the most well-rounded.

The specialty events are the max clean (Weightlifter), max deadlift (Powerlifter), posedown (Bodybuilder), and CrossFit workout (CrossFit athlete). Then, the four additional events will challenge each athlete on a level playing field.

Watch the first episode here:

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