Thursday, February 14, 2019

Booty Builders

Natasha Aughey booty
Is “leg day every day” the future of Female Muscle? With the decline of the traditional female bodybuilder, more and more of the current muscle scene is focused on women’s legs and ass. It makes sense since a strong upper body is considered masculine while “child-bearing hips” with a big badonk-a-donk are symbols of femininity.

I’ve used Natasha Aughey to illustrate my point, but you can easily insert Bakhar Nabieva, Suelen Bisolati, Gal Yates or hundreds more. While I wish massive female muscle was accepted, I love these modern “Booty Builders”.

Who knows, maybe this is a vision of things to come. Sample581MA0219. An Area Orion female muscle-ish morph.

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