Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Comic Muscle Women

Comic books are often the first introduction people have to female muscle. Larger than life women with exaggerated physiques sporting tight painted-on costumes. The similarities to female bodybuilding don't end there. While most comic women have a "super" cup-size and IFBB fitness like physique, some go beyond. Here's a few fan favorites.

Wonder WomanShe-HulkPower Girl
Wonder Woman (D.C.): Although not always drawn very muscular, this Amazon is the epitome of female strength and power.

She-Hulk (Marvel): Jennifer Walters is cousin to the Hulk and gained his super strength through a blood transfusion. She's green, not quite as mean, and has a law degree to match.

Power Girl (D.C): Power Girl or Kara Zor-L is Superman's cousin from an alternate universe. Just don't call her Super Girl, this version is all grown up.

Caitlin FairchildAnn O'BrienTitania 

Caitlin Fairchild (Gen 13/Image): This red-headed heroine transformed from nerdy student to a mega powerful team leader via her internship at Project Genesis.

Ann O'Brien (Monkeyman and O'Brien/Dark Horse): While working on experiments in interdimensional travel, an accident bathed Ann in a mysterious radiation which caused her grow to seven feet tall and endowed her with superhuman strength, endurance and speed.

Titania (Marvel): One of She-Hulk's arch enemies with the strength & physique to match.

Big BardaThundraStunner

Big Barda (D.C.): She's a New God and warrior from Apokolips

Thundra (Marvel): A powerful Femizon from a technologically advanced future timeline where men have been subjugated by women.

Stunner (Marvel): Dr. Octopus uses virtual reality to turn Angelina Brancale powerful & beautiful.

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