Thursday, April 12, 2012

Super Susie

Super SusieRipped, shredded and peeled doesn't begin to describe the Female Muscle art of J.P.Uhl. A silkscreener and graphic artist with a vivid and sometimes radical imagination, he has always been fascinated by the powerful lines of female gymnasts and women with muscular physiques.

Joeseph began drawing in 1984 after he married Susie... "the most beautiful women ever..." His drawings were at first crude, but dug out anatomy books and video stills of bodybuilding contests to better understand the female physique. Super Susie was soon born. He eventually added shade, tone and shadow. Downloaded female bodybuilding images provide the form and pose to his art, while various photos of Susie complete them.

So what did Susie think of the artwork? Joseph says, "She at first was a little weirded out at them but she came to appreciate them and even thought at times to build her physique."

While Joseph has been drawing Super Susie for nearly two decades, only recently has he felt them good enough to publish. His work has been shown on LHArt and FemaleMuscle and is hoping to gain exposure. He says, "I hope to in the future even do customer orders and even some colour work."

J.P.Uhl still lives in his Ohio hometown... while Susie lives in Florida.

Super Susie Super Susie
Super Susie Super Susie Super Susie

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