Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jacque Till is Back

Jacque Till 1990s
HDPhysiques - The INCREDIBLE 1990's "Quad Queen" Jacque Till re-emerged this past weekend at the 2012 Emerald Cup, winning the overall in Women's Bodybuilding. Jacque also won this show way back in 1994, and later finished 2nd at the 1995 Jr. Nationals. To my knowledge, that's the last the industry had heard from her until this past weekend. HDPhysiques was on hand, and we were lucky to get one of our "dream shoots" come true. Only a handful of women have had such an impact in women's bodybuilding over the years. Jacque, known for her mind-blowing quads, has barely aged a day over the last 18 years, and looked simply gorgeous for our Sunday morning shoot. Not only was her physique ripped and full of thick shapely muscle, but she was also an absolute treat to work with, possessing a wonderful personality and an eagerness to show off her hard work.

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