Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Female Bodybuilder Jeannie Paparone

Jeannie PaparoneI am very personable, and outgoing, and I have a little sense of humor LOL. I'm very caring and nurturing. My first contest was very exciting, being in gymnastics all of my life, I love competing on stage and in front of an audience. I knew when I won my first show, that I would like to continue with bodybuilding. I have the video from my first show, how funny to see me back then at a 114lbs my first contest weight!

My competitive goals is to continue competing and be on the Olympia Stage again and to do the Arnold Classic again in 2011. My motivation for bodybuilding is when I became Anorexic in high school. Bodybuilding had saved my life. I admired Rachel Mclish, and Cory Eversons body. I thought to myself, they look so feminine even with muscles. I had the muscular genetics anyways being in gymnastics, so I just followed through with it. My biggest obstacle to success is to have more exposure for myself and for women's bodybuilding. Another obstacle is having a strong mind, I believe if you think positive and put your mind to anything, you can succeed at anything.

Jeannie is from Chicago and currently lives in Las Vegas. See more of her at, Facebook & Twitter

Jeannie Paparone Jeannie Paparone Jeannie Paparone
Jeannie Paparone Jeannie Paparone Jeannie Paparone
Competition History:
1994 NPC Prairieland Classic – Lightweight – First place and Overall
1994 NPC Tri-States – Lightweight – First place and Overall
1995 NPC World Gym Classic – lightweight – Second Place
1995 NPC Nevada State – lightweight – First place and Overall
1995 NPC Nationals – 7th place
2000 NPC Las Vegas Classic – Middleweight – First place and Overall
2000 USA Nationals – Middleweight – 8th place
2001 USA Nationals – Middleweight – 2nd place
2002 NPC Nationals – Middleweight – 1st place (obtained my Pro Card)
2003 IFBB Night of Champions – 3rd place
2003 IFBB Jan Tana – 6th place
2004 IFBB Night of Champions – 10th place
2004 IFBB GNC Show of Strength - 6th place
2005 IFBB New York P:ro – 2nd place
2005 IFBB Charlotte Pro – 2nd place
2006 IFBB Europa Super Show – 5th place
2008 IFBB New York Womens Pro – 2nd place
2008 IFBB Olympia – 9th place
2009 IFBB New York Womens Pro – 6th place
2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro – 4th place
2010 IFBB Arnold Classic Ms. International - 12th place
2011 Arnold Classic Ms. International - 7th place

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