Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jodie Marsh - Bodybuilding Blitz

Female Bodybuilders are a hot topic thanks to Reality Star turned Bodybuilder Jodie Marsh. She has received typical harsh criticism, but also support, something every FBB knows well.

So is this good for the sport? The hype and exposure she brings are making people talk and take notice of women with muscle. What are your thoughts?

Jodie Marsh is Jodie harsh - Glamour girl is bodybuilder now The Sun
Jodie Marsh's muscles were bound to cause a stir The Guardian
Jodie Marsh Muscles in on Bodybuilding World Daily Star
Jodie Marsh: Men Think My Muscles Are Sexy Naijan
Jodie Marsh Talks Bodybuilding Challenge, Shows Off Muscles SoftPedia
Jodie Marsh gets her new muscles and abs out on This Morning The Mirror
Jodie Marsh shows off her muscles in London
Digital Spy

...and the list goes on

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