Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fabiola Boulanger - Ms. Canada 2011

Fabiola Boulanger Ms. Canada
Female bodybuilder Fabiola Boulanger won the Ms. Canada title this weekend and earned her IFBB Pro Card, weighing in at a shredded 149 lbs, and "lean to death". She was confident going into the 2011 CBFF National Championships (Canadian Nationals) and told me back in July, "The physique I'll bring to the stage on October 9th will surprise you."

Fabiola calls herself "the next generation female bodybuilder" which combines beauty, muscle and grace. From what we've seen, it appears to be a winning combination and hopefully the beginning of a long and fabulous career. Congrats to Fabie and all the other great competitors.

fabiola boulanger fabiola boulanger
Fabiola dresses up for the athletes meeting prior to the show

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