Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is Lady OM MMXI the next stage of female bodybuilding?

Lady OM MMXIThere's no doubt that the current competitive FBB scene seems broken with a questionable future. Could a new online competition by Italian photographer Oberdan Mancini be the solution?

I recently discovered the competition Lady OM MMXI (which I guess means Lady Oberdan Mancini 2011) from FemaleCityFlex. It states "LADY OM MMXI is not simply a contest. It's an exciting show that wants to share with the world the love for bodybuilding."

Here's the run-down. Female bodybuilding athletes from around the world compete in the first bodybuilding contest created specifically for the web. Online viewers can judge and express opinions. It consists of twelve athletes from different nations representing 5 continents by invitation only. Classes are divided, six in fitness and six in bodybuilding. There are no weight or height parameters, just the best contest shape in aesthetic-functional condition. The contest will be broadcast live in HD and the viewer can even follow their favorite athletes backstage.

Is it the future of female bodybuilding? Christine Boudreau just backed out stating, "I'm sad to report I am unable to follow through with the Lady OM MMXI show this December 1st for several reasons (financial included). All shows are expensive, but this one would have been terribly stressful on me financially & even with fund-raising I wouldn't be sure I would have enough money to do the event." Financial concern is big for female bodybuilders with such little contest money and endorsements. I couldn't find any mention of prize money offered for this contest.

I applaud the concept and initiative to make a change, and am looking forward to see the potential of this competition model. It appears to have a few bugs, but we need to start somewhere and move forward.

The contest is somewhere online December 1, 2011. You can join the Facebook group.

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