Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cinderella Landolt

Cinderella LandoltThere are so many beautiful women in female bodybuilding and fitness and I'd like to spotlight a few.

Cinderella "Cindy" Landolt
From: Zurich, Switzerland
Birthday: January 11, 1985
Occupation: Personal Trainer & Fitness Model
Background: Spent 11 years training as a Gymnast

I learned from an early age what it takes to strive for my own goals and achievements. I spent 11 years training as a Gymnast, laying the foundation for a future in fitness. In my pursuit of self improvement I developed the skills needed to keep me on track both physically and mentally; this in turn brought me personal success and the ability to help guide others through to their own goals.

In my view, being happy means to find a balance between work, leisure time and physical activity. To keep a clear head during hectic times and tackle life’s challenges with a smile. Feeling fit and healthy are the most important conditions for a happy life! A healthy body equals a healthy mind.

See more of Cindy at, Facebook and Twitter.

Cinderella LandoltCinderella LandoltCindy Landolt
Cindy Landolt
Cinderella LandoltCinderella Landolt
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