Friday, July 29, 2011

Legends of Female Muscle Fandom: Diana The Valkyrie

If you're brave and bold, enter the world of Diana the Valkyrie.

female muscle vikingAnyone infatuated with the fantasy side of female bodybuilding and muscle women most likely knows Diana the Valkyrie well. It wasn't my first introduction to female bodybuilders, but it opened my eyes to where the minds of fans could take these larger than life women.

Back in the early days of the internet, Diana the Valkyrie was blazing the way for all things fantasy female muscle. Stories about amazon growth (FMG), domination and superheroines. Artwork and morphs that take women beyond the realm of human possibilities. Links to FFBs and sites dedicated to female muscle and more. They also sponsor numerous female bodybuilders. Everything a growing schmoe needed to thrive.

I always had a passion for female bodybuilding, but now I was hooked into a whole new realm that was even more exciting. I'd pour through the site almost daily, looking for anything and everything to immerse myself into this fantasy world.

Now days there are many sites, forums and blogs devoted to female muscle fandom (you're reading one now), but Diana the Valkyrie was one of the first and best. Although it hasn't changed much in over 15 years, it remains a relevant and exciting place to explore fantasy female muscle and still one of my personal favorites.

Diana the Valkyrie

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