Sunday, July 17, 2011

Katka Calls Quits to FBB

Katka KyptovaIt seems another female bodybuilder is calling it quits. Czech muscle angel Katka Kyptova just posted a farewell to bodybuilding on her blog.

"No ..isnt is last Kates preparation for bb...and after change again my body to normal fitness girl...You are asking why??Simple answer....Everybody knows about what i want talking...i dont think i havent vilition...endurance...but....but my way is another...i am happy i could know place of bb, my changes of my body...peoples who loves bb and so....but i dont like way of drugs and sorry guys...i love bb, i love muscles...but my mission is other is about money like others sports....and without support isnt possible...go higher... thanks to all for support...." Katka Kyptova

It's a hard lifestyle with little financial gain and difficult social perceptions. Can you blame her. Another reason to support Female Bodybuilding.

We wish Katka all the best in her future endeavors.

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