Sunday, December 26, 2010

Amber Steel in Review

Schmews: Amber Steel is one of my favorite Female Bodybuilders and recently posted her 2010 in Review. It's exciting to read about a woman so passionate in her strength and becoming a muscular Amazon. Here's a brief summary of the info that stood out to me and am looking forward to see what's to come. was an amazing year for me...I made some amazing strength gains...making me stronger than I have ever been in my life. I am excited about the prospect of how I will grow and improve in 2011.

I sit right around 205...have added about 10 pounds of muscle since my competitive bodybuilding days, distributed over my 5' 9 frame. shoulders, back, trunk and legs have all thickened up quite a bit...learned to live a bodybuilding lifestyle...getting freakishly strong. No matter what I subject my body to, it generally responds well.

This past year, I lived and trained in Las Vegas. I embarked on a strength and power I got stronger week by week. All my numbers in my lifts were increasing like best bench was probably in the low to 200's. Soon, I was raw benching around 300. My deadlift was right around the low 400's, and my squat was finally around 315. I gained a lot of satisfaction in ... getting stronger every week.

I am becoming a lift and carry technician, and human feats of strength, lifting people overhead with two arms and one arm. I started out with lifting right around 165, and now, the lift is up to right around 205.

It seems there is no end in sight for how much stronger I can get. I took September off from my training, came back just as strong, and was able to get stronger. My raw benchpress is easily in the low 300s, right around 325.

In a nutshell, I have become the amazon that I have always dreamt of, and have become the sensual powerhouse that I only fantasized of becoming. And, it's only going to keep getting better in 2011....just wait and see!

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