Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Before & After: Eva Andressa Vieira

I absolutely love Andressa Vieira. She just posted these super hot Before & After photos, a truly gorgeous woman with or without muscle.

Translated from her blog (Portuguese)
After several requests, I decided to post a photo of how I was before training. In this picture the "before", I had more or less about 15 years. I did not make weight, but I dreamed of having a defined body and healed. The photo of the "after" is very current, is now 25. Besides, 25 short-term, full 26 years this month, to getting old, lol.

Hopefully these photos have inspired you. And be able to show that having OBJECTIVE, determination and discipline, surely you can achieve a nice body.


An Area Orion enhancement would make a nice After/After photo, maybe in the future.

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  1. Eva's "transformation" photo's are a perfect example of the possibilities that intelligent progressive resistance training and athletics can open the door to. A balanced approach to one's training will make this type of physical relatively easy for anyone to achieve. The problem one faces though is finding coaches who have enough experience and knowledge to guide the average trainee towards a balanced approach to training. Too much emphasis on ither cardio or weights will tip the scales toward deadend results. One must search for a method with aesthetics, measured intensity, and visionary progression. Obviously Eva Andressa found such a method.


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