Friday, November 5, 2010

Death to Female Bodybuilding

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Women's Physique Division
At the 2010 Nationals the rumor mill was furiously churning with talk of the new Men's and Women's Physique Divisions. In our conversation with a few judges, they admit that women's bodybuilding physiques have gotten out of hand and can not bring it back even with the "20% less" rule that has been put in place. Therefore, in order to provide a place somewhere in between bodybuilding and figure they're implementing the WPD. This falls in line with what Bob Cicerillo stated in a Forum Post Here.

Bob Cicerillo, IFBB Men's Athlete Representative, came onto the MD Forums and clarified the WPD implementation for 2011. He's been gracious enough to remain and answer questions and concerns about this new division and the fate to womens bodybuilding.

However, it seems to some forum members that they are not quite sure what direction womens bodybuilding will take. Steve Weinberger has stated that womens bodybuilding is here to stay. Bob says it's here through 2011 and then its gone.

What are your thoughts and or wishes? One thing is for certain: There will be two more divisions next year: Men's and Women's Physique so be prepared for more competitors and longer shows.

You can check out all the action here.

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