Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One step forward, two steps back

Sylvia ReyssSylvia Reyss was one of several bodybuilders that recently walked the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. I'm glad to see a beautiful muscular woman take her rightful place alongside the world's super model elite... but did they have to make her look like a Gaga-esque freak with buck teeth? Hopefully we'll see more female bodybuilders portrayed as mainstream beauty.

Sylvia Reyss

Sylvia Reyss

See Sylvia's original posting
or click here for a weak translation from her native German:

A few weeks ago is on my facebook profile the munich newcomer designer Patrick Mohr approached me. He was in search of Berlin bodybuilders for its show on the mercedes benz fashion week in 2010.

I was the name patrick mohr a conceptual, since the designer has made the past year, in addition to "normal catwalk model," with homeless, which he sent on the catwalk, shocked or sensation.

I immediately took to the offer. with each day passed, and the Berlin drew closer, I grew up in anticipation of this event.

One thing was clear to me that Patrick and his show have the name "we are shaved" had again will cause a stir. clearly wanted to provoke, to think annimiert and certainly the topic of conversation would be the fashion show 2010!

In the foreground, the colors were black, white, red, yellow and blue. Backstage, all models (we the bodybuilder and the "right model") the same makeup. Black triangles adorned our faces, the hair was wig tucked under a colorful, it was no longer visible to the end, who man or woman was.. is one of the mottos of mohr, because for him, male and female = one that is unisex.

Thus his collections are to be understood, that is, the demonstrated jeans and casual shirts to wear are cotton from both sexes.

We show the bodybuilder, the contribution of mohr appearance: it was spacey outfits made of transparent materials from us, which presented represent triangles or rectangles. Showed us a lot of skin was (according to the motto: we are shaved;))

Another highlight of the show were great live snails, the load in a transparent belly of one of the bodybuilders were out on the catwalk: Here again was the motto of the designers seen snails, as are asexual! all models were doing a sugar cube between your lips, snails love sugar and it was clear to everyone directly, the whole show of the designer is completely thought out from a to z! Mohr leaves nothing to chance.

Patrick is a genius in my eyes, who knows how the people see itself a unit. he distances himself clear of cliches and uses them positively for themselves. he is authentic and causes a stir and enormous conversation. This polarized man, knows how to inszinieren and due to its shows absolutely new accents in the German fashion industry.

Since this event on the fashion week in Berlin, 2010, in which I could be there, I'm an absolute fan patrick mohr. This man format, he knows how to make attention to himself: he presented reflect everyday use combined with a skillful fashion for helping ....

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