Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Survived this round

Obama's latest military cuts have drastically effected our department. 18% of Area Orion was let go in order to cut spending, luckily I made it through this round of layoffs. All non-essential aspects of the Alice & Bob Project have been put on hold but hopefully rumors of a new major investor are true and will keep it moving forward. I've been contracted back to Area Vela a couple days a week which doesn't help the progress in lab 2. It's good to see some old colleagues though.

The Celldat scanner is complete, moved down to level 2 and Meg said integration is going smoothly. This puts a damper on my flash drive images, but luckily I have enough to post for awhile. Been used to coming home and seeing what new gems are waiting. I'm curious what level 2 looks like and Meg's keeping a tight lip. She's doing a lot of that lately. Something is up.

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  1. Sorry to here of the cutbacks. I'm glad you survived. I wish you well and hope you keep your job.I also hope you and Meg can re-connect, and I love your artwork.


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