Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Buffies Unmasked

the Buffiesthe Buffiesthe Buffies
Meg's been asking me to do some photos for The Buffies and I finally got around to them. One of my pet peeves with typical morphs is the photoshopping of actresses/models faces over the FBB. I was reluctant to alter the faces but felt it was needed in order to make the characters more believable. Here are the photos with the original beautiful female bodybuilders faces but also check out the Buffied' versions as well.

Buffie photo 1: Zoa Linsey, Jody Wald & Wendy McMaster. Photo by GeneX
Buffie photo 2: Andrea Giacomi & Dena Westerfield
Buffie photo 3: Lisa Cross, Kathy Connors & Wanda Moore. Photo by World Class Muscle


  1. You are beyond amazing with your skills!! These women, and ALL your women, are breath-taking!! The best there is!!

  2. They don't look like the typical women we can find everywhere, however they have another attributes that call people attention. I know maybe they can be discriminate by the society, but they should feel proud of themselves.


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