Friday, August 21, 2009

The Perils of Pauline

I'm no stranger to trouble, in fact I seem to attract it. I saw a link to Pauline Nordin photos yesterday which reminded me when she threatened to sue me... sort of. Thought I would share this with you so let me back up and start from the beginning.

My break from DeviantArt made me expand my network and interact with the women & photographers that my samples depicted. I've always been curious to a models/bodybuilders opinion of morphs of themselves. It started when Lori Braun posted some of my samples and there were interesting comments. Do they find them flattering or insulting? Amy Peters was first to contact me. She liked the boob job but kindly asked me to remove her photos. I was sad to see her go but removed them. Mike Yurkovic from PhysiqueArt liked my samples and asked for some exclusives in trade. The almighty Bill Dobbins even gave me positive feedback. Ruthie Lucchesi asked me personally for enhancements and loved the results, posting it to all her social network pages. Bobbi Billard loved the sample I did of her and tweeted the link to thousands of her fans. Even Penelope Black Diamond let me know how hot my samples made her, and I've never even done one of her. The list went on and I was elated. Maybe this wasn't such an underground art and felt like I needed to do more research. So my next sample was of Pauline Nordin and I decided to contact her before I posted the picture. Here's a transcription of the email conversation.

Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 10:52 AM
Hello Pauline,
My name is Ben and I do enhancements of beautiful female muscle women. These are done as fan art and I don't make any money from them. I have done a few of you in the past and have a new one to post. I'm starting to ask permission and would like your comments, opinion and approval. I look forward to hearing from you.(I attached the new picture and links to the old ones)

Thank you, Ben - Area Orion


Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 11:27 AM
H Ben,
You do not have permission to alter any of my photos. Neither the photographer or his attorney like it and neither one approve. I hope these will never be posted anywhere. I assume these are not posted anywhere.

Sincerely Pauline Nordin

Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 11:28 AM
Please take me off your gallery link. I forwarded this to my photographer and attorney.
Sincerely Pauline


Lets just say this brought my research to a halt. I removed my older Pauline samples and the new one was sent to the vault. It's only been viewed by myself, Pauline and her Attorney.


  1. You understand, I also leave messages of encouragement on their blog "PAULINE FHIGTER" and did not like, I encourage my comments and delete messages from your blog can be read at the bottom of the page at the bottom of everything, still jajaja retouching photos, make good photos. greetings

  2. Karma works in mysterious ways. One hour after posting, I received a message from fitness competitor Lety Garcia - She wrote "your work is amazing....!!!! you can take any of my photos if you wish to make a new photo..... besides----I would love it!!!!"

    Take that Pauline.

  3. That sucks that she does not like your work, but i suppose you have to respect her wishes, i would have loved to have seen them. Your stuff is the best on the web now and i am not surprised that other fbbs like it. All the best, keep them coming! Belle Mac.

  4. I'm just astounded that so many of these women actually get into your art! I never imagined that it would be that popular in the fitness field.

    Why don't you do any of your girl?

  5. It is regretable that she felt the need to dive right into threat mode instead of just being polite. It's a sad commentary on society that people feel the need to involve lawyers in everything. Happily, I have never wasted my money at her website and now never will.

  6. Isn't it ironic that some of her recent photos in magazines are enhancements themselves (I'm thinking of one set in particular!).

    Anyway, keep at it, man. Take the many, many positive responses from gorgeous muscular/busty women over the negative one.

    Thanks for all your hard work!


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