Monday, August 10, 2009


I made an error and forgot to remove Gina Davis from the flash drive. The morphed photo went back into Area Orion with me the next day and these are the results. I included the original this time to show the progression.


  1. It is an excellent excellent job of drawing I like the change of large to small muscles,
    SIGE do so many pictures of muscles.
    saludos Orion

  2. Nice progression, I'm suprised the clothing stayed intact. ;)

    Now we just need to see her muscles go three stages larger than the biggest one. . . .

    (Dodges thrown tomatoes)

  3. Fanat=tastic work.
    Pity that those beautiful bountious boobs dropped.
    Those pecs shoulod be doing a better job.
    I do some expansions (short clips) and that part IS difficult.


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