Tuesday, August 6, 2019

IFBB 2019 Tampa Pro Results

Helle Travino
The Tampa Pro is one of the last pro bodybuilding competitions for female bodybuilding. Congrats to Helle Travino for taking (in my opinion) top honors of the entire show.
FitnessVolt: 2019 Tampa Pro: The (12th annual) IFBB Wings of Strength Yamamoto Nutrition Cup Tampa Pro is Underway and so far we have a few winners from multiple divisions although the event runs through the 4th of August.

Women’s Open Bodybuilding

Women’s Open Bodybuilding:

1. Helle Travino
2. Pauline Nelson
3. Janeen Lankowski
4. Michela Aycock
5. Silvia Matta
6. Marla Merrithew

Women’s Physique

 Women’s Physique:

1. Sheila Bleck
2. Anne Mohn
3. Jeannie Feldman
4. Desunka Dawson
5. Sheena Ohlig
6. Patricia Gosselin 

More results here

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